Angry mum claims Amazon parcel dumped in bin filled with daughter’s sick

A mum has condemned Amazon claiming a delivey driver left a parcel in a bin filled with her daughter's vomit.

Outraged Toni Ennever ordered an Amazon Echo Dot as a Christmas present for her five-year-old daughter Blaise.

But the 36-year-old says she was horrified to discover the package had been left in the putrid bin that also contained rotten food and a Big Mac box.

To add insult to injury, Toni claims the company has refused to accept responsibility for the delivery horror.

She has now posted the entire bin bag back to the retail giant and instructed them to retrieve the package themselves.

Toni, of Exmouth, Devon, said: "My five-year-old daughter Blaise was sick on New Year's Day.

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"The kitchen bin was the nearest thing to me when it happened, so I threw it to her to be sick in. Not ideal I know.

"Our big bins are only collected every three weeks and it was already full, so I put the entire kitchen bin outside the back door thinking I would wait until the big bin had been emptied and then put the bin bag in there."

But when Toni returned home the following day she found an extra item in the kitchen bin.

She said: "There was a ticket saying I'd had a parcel delivered and that it was in the bin at the back of the house.

"I went round the back and sure enough, there it was – inside the bin, right on top of all my daughter's sick."

Toni said she was absolutely disgusted by the actions of the delivery person.

She said: "What sort of animal does that. It's disgusting. I wouldn't touch it. I wanted Amazon to replace it but they wouldn't send anyone to collect it.

"So I got some gloves on, wrapped the whole bin bag up in cling film and am going to send it back to Amazon – they can pick it out of the bin bag because I won't."

Toni said it's not the first time she's had problems with parcels delivered from Amazon.

She added: "In the past I've had packages left in my recycling bin and boxes. One was even just left on a pile of rubbish that was due to be taken to the dump.

"I'm a big Amazon user – I have a Prime subscription and I use their music service.

"But I've cancelled all my subscriptions to them now. This is the last straw. It's ridiculous."

An Amazon spokesman said: "We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and expect every package to be handled with care.

"We've notified the right teams internally and will work with the customer directly on matters related to their package delivery.”

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