Average dog owner spends total of two months cleaning up after their pet in its lifetime

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As a result, dog owners typically spend the equivalent of five whole days cleaning up after their pet each year, whether it’s vacuuming, picking up toys and mess, or spraying air freshener.

And with the average dog living for between 10 and 12 years, this works out at the equivalent of 1,560 hours across its lifetime – or 65 whole days.

It also emerged that 21 percent of dog owners have worried about guests being allergic to their pet – with 59 percent claiming that they or a close family member suffers from an allergic reaction. 

Stephan Lang, split and sky air specialist at indoor air quality experts Daikin UK, which commissioned the research, said: “With more than 10 million dogs in homes across the UK, a figure that’s reportedly jumped 43 percent in the past two years, it’s fair to say that as a nation we can’t get enough of our canine companions.

“But while we wouldn’t change them for the world, they do come with some compromises – some of which are easier to get around than others.

“Having a clean, inviting home is bound to be concerning for dog owners, especially as winter approaches, and more socialising moves indoors again.”

The survey found 35 percent of dog owners have actively discouraged someone from visiting because they were worried about how their home might look, smell, or feel because of their pet.

More than a quarter (26 percent) have even experienced a guest leaving their house because it smelt too much of dogs.

And despite being dog owners themselves, 26 percent of those surveyed admitted to not wanting to go into someone else’s house because the dog smell was so strong. 

That could explain why when someone is about to visit, 89 percent find themselves doing a last-minute clean to “de-dogify” their property.

And half of those surveyed via OnePoll would feel nervous if someone suddenly turned up and they hadn’t had the chance to do a last-minute dog-related clean.

But despite their best efforts, 25 percent said their feet or socks are still constantly covered in dog hair.

Stephan Lang, from Daikin UK, added: “Our compact air purifiers can help to eliminate viruses, reduce pet smells and minimise the hair and skin particles from the air that can cause allergic reactions.

“So, while it can’t stop your dogs from jumping up on your guests, it could help keep your home on the green list for visitors.”

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