Avoid mistake with your make up that will age you significantly

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Applying too much make up can make you look much older, especially on one part of your face according to Sarah Amelia Fogg, the mastermind behind Brows by Sarah, specialising in permanent make up.

The make up expert and eyebrows specialist spoke with Express.co.uk about the most ageing make up mistakes you may well be making.

“Brows are the most common area I see where people make mistakes that age them,” Sarah explained. There are various ways in which your eyebrows can make you look older.

Sarah went on: “Firstly, neglecting your brows completely can make you look older, especially if you have sparse brows.

“Similarly, going too heavy on the product can also age you. If you like the defined look, avoid adding any colour to the end of your brow as overextending the tail can draw your face down and age you significantly.”

So how should you tackle your eyebrows if thinking about how to look younger?

Sarah explained: “In general, you want to avoid adding too much product so I recommend starting at the tail and then working inwards.

“Doing this can help you work with the natural shape of your brow, keep it looking fluffy and help you avoid applying too much product.”

When it comes to the rest of your make up, applying too much make up can be ageing.

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“Applying too much product, in general, is a common mistake that can age you whether that’s with your brow products, eyeliner or foundation,” Sarah said. “In general, less is more”.

However, she did provide one clever blusher tip that could take years off your face.

Sarah said: “One of the best ways you can make yourself look younger is by using blush to add a natural youthful flush.

“To avoid adding too much and looking like you’ve just done a run, I recommend using a brush to lightly dust blush onto your cheekbones.”

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It’s not just make up that can help you look younger, adopting an anti-ageing haircut can also take years off. 

Global hairstylist Nicky Lazou discussed how to look younger by changing up your hair with Express.co.uk.

Nicky said: “I think this depends on what you think is making you look older. For example, some women may feel they prefer a longer cut to draw attention away from any signs of ageing around the neck, whereas others may find longer hair ages them.

“The general rule of thumb is short to mid-length haircuts can help you look younger.”

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