‘Awkwardly isolated’: Boris Johnson ‘mixed body signals’ meeting Macron at COP26

COP26: Emmanuel Macron meets Boris Johnson in Glasgow

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World leaders will meet in Glasgow this week for COP26 to discuss climate change and how countries are planning to tackle it. This morning, Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with French President Emmanuel Macron at the conference.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, one expert analysed the pair’s body language while meeting one another.

Judi James explained: “There are some mixed body language signals exchanged between these two men, with Macron flexing his power and status while Boris responds by flexing his bicep in one very dramatic ‘strong man’ pose.

“Macron’s body pose for the camera is splayed and symmetric to suggest solidity and power.

“When he turns to speak to the UN Secretary General he adopts a polite smile and a look of full attention, but as he turns to Boris that smile drops and he plants a cursory-looking power-pat on Boris’ back.

“When Macron turns to the UN secretary again he shows his back to Boris.”

According to Judi, this left Boris “looking awkwardly isolated”.

“Like someone cut out of a conversation at a party,” she said.

Judi added: “Boris does approach to join in and when Macron turns this time he has his index finger over his mouth in a gesture often associated with adult disapproval.”

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Despite the mixed signals between the leaders, the body language expert explained that there does seem to be some mirroring.

“There is a form of mirrored gesticulation between the two leaders though,” Judi said.

She added: “Both seem to be using an illustrative and rather empathic measuring gesture, holding the tip of the index finger a few inches away from the thumb.”

Judi explained that this could possibly be a sign to suggest they are close to agreement.

“But it is also a very exacting gesture, hinting at no real desire to fill that important gap,” the expert added.

Key leaders will be present at COP26 this week including Joe Biden and Scott Morrison.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall also arrived at COP26 this afternoon, with the Prince delivering one of the key speeches.

The Duchess went for an emerald green outfit with a black blazer draped over her shoulders.

She added a pair of black gloves, tights and a pair of knee-high black boots to the look.

Camilla carried a small back handbag to her side and went for minimal jewellery.

The Queen will not attend the summit this week following medical advice to rest.

However, the monarch as well as other members of the Royal Family including Prince William have stressed the importance of tackling climate change.

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