Baby name expert reveals the ones that should be on your list this year

Do you go traditional? Something sentimental? A family name? Or something off the beat track?

Naming a baby is a huge decision. After all, there are so many factors to consider.

Go ‘too popular’ and your child will have multiple classmates with the same name – but settling on something really unique might cause pronunciation difficulties.

Paris Hilton recently opted for a location when naming her child, Phoenix, while Molly-Mae Hague went down both the animal and Disney routes with Bambi Fury.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, Sophie Kihm – Nameberry’s editor-in-chief – has shared a few essential baby names for 2023 to get you started.

She says the 50 selected names reflect charts, celebrity and pop culture trends, as well as Nameberry’s expert analysis on ones that simply ‘feel right’ for 2023.

Unisex names feature heavily in this roundup, as well as Greek mythology and ‘grandpa’ names – such as Harold, Leni and Winston.

Natural names, such as Clover, Leif and Marigold, also make an appearance in the list – alongside Wednesday, following the popularity of the hit Netflix series.

Below are Nameberry’s ‘essential’ names for 2023 – as well as the expert comments on their meaning and relevance.

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