BBC Blue Lights viewers spot error in first episode of new crime drama

Blue Lights viewers spot glaring blooper in first episode of new BBC crime drama – so, can YOU see what’s wrong in this scene?

  • BBC’s crime drama Blue Lights aired last night – but viewers spotted a mistake
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Viewers of BBC’s Blue Lights  were left stunned when they spotted a glaring blunder in the first episode of the crime show last night.  

BBC1’s gripping new cop drama, which aired at 9pm yesterday, follows three rookie cops in Belfast as they try to keep the peace in the post-Troubles era.

Written by the team behind Novichok drama The Salisbury Poisonings, Blue Lights stars Sherlock actress Siân Brooke as Grace, a single mum and ex-social worker who’s decided to switch careers in mid-life to become a probationary cop.

At the end of the first episode, Grace offers one woman, Angela, a lift home in her Audi – however viewers quickly spotted the steering wheel was from a Skoda.

Many of those watching couldn’t help but spot the mistake and took to Twitter, with one writing: ‘How can you get the vehicle exterior and interior shots so wrong? Discovery/Freeland and then Audi/Skoda.’

Viewers of BBC’s Blue Lights were left stunned when they spotted a glaring blunder in the first episode of the crime show last night – as a car appeared to change from an Audi to  a Skoda in the same scene 

During the intense scene, viewers confessed they were distracted by the changing logos on the steering wheel of the car  

Another commented: ‘So picked up in an Audi. Which turns out to be a Skoda on the drop off…tv bloopers at its best.’ 

A third added: ‘I maybe wrong but Grace is not driving an Audi…look again.’ 

A fourth wrote: ‘Towards the end, one  minute it’s an Audi in the rain, next minute they’re in a Skoda, then when you see it drive off, it’s an Audi again!

‘That was a second rate afternoon show at best. Not good.’

Another added: ‘Anyone else notice the Audi, Skoda, Audi blooper?’

‘Picks her up in an Audi and a few minutes later drops her off in a Skoda!! Basic stuff…’ one commented.

‘Why has her Audi got a Skoda steering wheel?’ one viewer tweeted. 

The series sees probationary cop Grace frequently out of her depth and finding herself in unexpected danger.

The other rookies are played by Nathan Braniff as Tommy and Katherine Devlin as Annie, and their Belfast station is a buzzing hub where the newbies get both pranked and helped by their peers, as well as told off by their superiors. 

Many of those watching spotted the blooper during the programme last night, with one commenting it was ‘second rate’ 

They appear alongside bigger stars including Game Of Thrones’s Richard Dormer as experienced policeman Gerry, who partners under-confident Tommy. 

The Fall’s John Lynch plays their adversary James McIntyre, an organised crime gang leader who’s recruiting local lads, which provides the central storyline of Blue Lights’ six episodes. 

During the first episode, Grace tries to help Angela, whose son is very familiar with a gang after he crashed a stolen car that belonged to gang leader James.

Despite warnings from her colleagues that Angela is trying to lure her into a false sense of security, Grace is determined to help her and ends up offering her a lift home.

The car appeared to have switched back to an Audi when Grace drove away from the scene after dropping Angela off 

Written by the team behind The Salisbury Poisonings, BBC1’s gripping new cop drama Blue Lights follows three rookie cops in Belfast as they try to keep the peace in the post-Troubles era

And things don’t seem to be getting any easier for Grace in upcoming episode – with a synopsis for the next show teasing that  the team is faced with more issues all related to the drug rings in Belfast.

It reads: ‘The team scrambles to deal with a series of mysterious emergencies across the city, all stemming from a bad batch of drugs. 

‘The McIntyre gang soon realise the crisis can be traced back to one of their young drug runners, has been selling drugs outside of their area, so race to cover their tracks. 

‘Annie receives terrifying news that has her wondering who she can trust even within her own community.’

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