Best 6 Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2020 | The Sun UK

6 YEAR OLD girls are finding their independence in school: reading, writing and pursuing their interests after school and on weekends, whether sporty, scientific, or something else in entirely.

6 year olds are also very much still little kids – they love to laugh and play and get lost in their imaginations, which is why some of the best gifts for 6 year old girls will encourage them to do precisely that.

A toy doll is still a hit with this age group – especially one that has a bit of a story.

Our Generation dolls each have a story to tell, more realistic body types for young girls to look up to than say, Barbie, and come with clothes and accessories that make them great value for money – most are under £35.

These are ideal for 6 year olds to cuddle at night, get dressed each morning and confide all of their deepest desires to.

Style starts to become important to 6 year old girls, who will notice things like sequin tops and cool trainers.

Get them ahead of the fashion curve with a pair of printed Vans – these not only look good, they're wonderfully practical.

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