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PROTECT your upholstery from your kids, pets, passengers and yourself and cover for your seats for maximum convenience.

Keeping the interior of your car clean with a stylish cover that protects and looks the part too.

Until car seats are self-cleaning, it might be worth splashing a tenner or so on getting covers.

Car seat covers also suit van drivers – whether delivery or trades – who are constantly in and out of their vehicle, often in paint or grease-spattered uniform.

Covering the cabin upholstery will not only reduce the time needed with the upholstery cleaners and vacuums, but will also help hold the residual value of the company asset.

Car seat covers can also make a real difference if your vehicle’s upholstery has already suffered damage – or you’ve inherited a vehicle with less than ideal seats.

Made in a variety of materials and (in the main) machine washable, they’ll catch the majority of spills and scruff.

There’s a policy of universal sizing and, if you’re unsure, in most instances you can buy the front seat covers separate from the rear seats if needs be.

So, using a mix of our expert knowledge, industry tests and user reviews, we give you a steer on the best car seat covers to protect your car seats in 2019.

1. Walser car seat covers

  • Walser seat covers, full set, RS Racing grey, £34.95 from Roofbox- buy here

These award-winning car seat covers were favourites in the Auto Express group test.

The reasonable price of the Walser seat covers includes a full set, both front and rear.

Made from polyester, with 3mm foam padding, the 15 pieces in this Austrian-brand’s kit allow for a variety of armrest and headrest setups.

However, these covers aren’t suitable for sports seats or leather seats.

Practical grey, they’ll hide the majority of wear and tear marks and any minor spills.

Not only good to look at, they’re also comfy enough to endure long journeys.

2. Cosmos Carrera Leatherlook Seat Covers

  • Cosmos 14723 Carrera Full Set of Leather Look, £38.73 from Amazon- buy here

Not the cheapest pick in our list, but for the more discerning driver, who is looking to couple the leather look with wipe-clean practicality, the Cosmos Carrera 14723 set makes a very good option.

Runner up in the Auto Express group test, these leather-look covers aren’t elasticated.

Rather they feature zips, allowing seats with armrests to be covered adequately.

They do run a little on the small side. Put through their paces with wire brushes and greasy fingers, these seat covers have stood up to much in industry tests and performed satisfactorily.

3. Halfords Essentials Seat Covers

  • Essentials Seat Covers Full Set Black/Grey, £20 from Halfords- buy here

These Halfords seat covers are not only our favourites but they’re really good value.

For a start, unlike the Sakura covers below, this is a full set.

Granted, the rear seat covers don’t allow any holes for the lap belt being used.

Fitting was a bit awkward, though no harder than the rest of our list – the general expectation with universal sizing.

That said, of all the fits the Halfords covers suited best.

The grey and black colour combination looks stylish and the stitching – like the Walser covers, includes side-airbag safe stitching.

4. Sakura Universal Car Seat Covers

  • £9.79 from Amazon- buy here

This is an Amazon bestseller and it’s easy to see why.

Made of nylon, these Sakura car seat covers are fully machine washable.

With a universal fit featuring a zip that runs down the back of the seat, the stitching also has side-airbag compatibility.

Though at this price, you only get the front seat covers (including separate headrest covers), the full set – including a rear seat cover – is available for roughly £6 more.

These front seat covers from Sakura offer reasonable quality – you can expect them to last roughly a year with a decent amount of wear.

5. Streetwize Water Resistant Front Car Seat Covers

  • £10 from Argos- buy here

These front car seat covers from Streetwize are the last resort for any driver, struggling to find something that will fit their own car seats.

The water-resistant material is finished with an elasticated edge, meaning they have genuinely universal sizing.

As a result, the fit isn’t necessarily the most snug.

The all-black colour scheme hides a multitude of sins.

It’s worth noting there’s no separate headrest cover, so these covers just create an all-in-one look.

As a result, they’re not side-airbag compatible.

For that price though, they’re a great stop-gap.

6. Streetwize Padded and Heated Car Seat Cover

  • Streetwize Padded and Heated Car Seat Cover, £20 from Argos- buy here

If you ride solo a lot and don’t worry about marking your other seats, we completely advocate concentrating on you.

Who knew health and wellbeing could be improved with a car seat cover?

Streetwize has developed this awesome padded and heated car seat cover.

Thermostatically controlled, it plugs into the 12V port and warms the foam padding to make it easier to get going on cold days.

Of course, it can only be sponged down.

On the plus side, it’s compatible with side-airbags and armrests.

It’s awesome as a gift too.

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