Best Gluten-Free Pretzels 2019 | The Sun UK

FACT: Pretzels are probably the world's greatest snack.

They're relatively healthy, they taste as good with beer as they do in your lunch bag and they even contain fibre and B vitamins.

Whether you're gluten-free by choice or your body doesn't process gluten well, there are lots of pretzel brands with gluten-free varieties – that you would never think were gluten-free based on taste alone.

Glutino is a gluten-free snack brand that sells a range of gluten-free pretzels, in different sizes, shapes and dipped in various toppings (check out their website for gluten-free recipes to try out at home).

Schär is another favourite when it comes to gluten-free snacking – and living. Their award-winning gluten-free pretzels are so good, fans swear they can't tell the difference between them and the real deal.

Another reason that pretzels are such a fantastic treat is the fact that you can dip them in all sorts of things to create a more exciting snack, like slathering them in yogurt, dunking them in peanut butter or dipping them into mustard. Pretzels also make a delicious bread crumb coating – pretzel-crusted mac and cheese is an American favourite.

For the ultimate sweet fix, nothing beats chocolate-dipped pretzels: just dip in melted chocolate, refrigerate for a few hours and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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