Best Kids' Duvet Covers 2019 | The Sun UK

WHEN YOU'RE a kid, your duvet cover and bedding are as much a reflection of your personality, interests and style as your clothes.

Of course, your duvet also has to be hardwearing, easy to wash and change and comfortable on the skin. We'd even suggest it should have an 'inviting' quality – getting your kids to bed is hard enough, so you want to make sure they like the bed they're getting into.

When it comes to patterns, there are tons of designs to choose from: your child's favourite TV character, animal motifs, superheroes, stars, clouds… the list goes on.

Look out for duvet covers with reversible prints on either side to get two patterns for one.

For a real standout, look no further than Snurk: the 100% cotton duvet covers and pillowcases encourage your child's imagination, even at bedtime. The pillow has a hat or headpiece photo-print, e.g a princess crown or shark's mouth, while the duvet covers feature a costumed body. Your child can just insert themselves into the scene.

These days, you can also get coverless duvets for kids in printed or solid-colour designs.

These can be really helpful when you need to throw the sheets into the washing machine often because of a bed-wetting accident – or because your child decided to bring a pot of green slime into bed.

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