Best things about growing old are looking after grandchildren and travelling

Looking after your grandchildren, having more time for travel and being less stressed are among the best things about growing old, according to research.

The over-60s agreed having more time to spend with their loved ones is a highlight of getting older after working hard in their younger years to take care of their family.

Playing games with grandchildren, teaching them new skills and simply being able to live spontaneously also featured in the top 20 things about growing old.

More than two fifths even went as far as to say they enjoy themselves much more now than they did in their younger years.

Retiring from work, not caring what people think and being able to take up new hobbies are also considered to be positives about ageing, while a third enjoy being able to read with their grandchildren.

The study, of 1,600 adults aged over 60, by Stannah also found 45 per cent of doting grandparents get to spend more time with their grandchildren now than they did with their own children when they were the same age.

One in six even said they are emotionally closer to their grandchildren than their own children.

Patrick Stannah, MD of Stannah, said: "Having more time for yourself is such a valuable thing once you retire.

"But what's even more exciting is being able to reconnect with your family – especially with your grandchildren.

"Our second Silver Census found over-60s look forward to spending time with their children's children, whether it's taking them on outings or reading together.

"It is heart-warming to see such strong inter-generational links blossoming around both traditional activities as well modern communications channels."

The study also found grandparents are living nearby to their young relatives, with nearly half (44 per cent) located five miles or less from them.

And seven in 10 reckon they have more free time to spend with their grandchildren because they work less now, or not at all, compared to how much they worked when their own kids were growing up.

The research also found the convenience of modern life means 96 per cent will keep in touch with family and friends, with text messages and emails common ways to stay connected.

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