Beyonce Fans Say She’s ‘Been Dethroned’ By Daughter Blue Ivy After Joint Song Debuts

Beyoncé’s new song ‘Brown Skin Girl’ features her daughter Blue Ivy singing the intro, and she’s got serious vocal talent. Now fans are telling Queen Bey she’s been ‘dethroned’ by the seven-year-old.

Beyoncé presented the world with a new album The Lion King: The Gift on July 19, which she called a “love letter to Africa.” The track that fans are raving about the most is “Brown Skin Girl,” not only for its empowering message for people to love their own skin color, but because her daughter Blue Ivy Carter collaborates on it with some amazing vocals. The seven-year-old even got writing credit on the song for her lyrics “Brown skin girl, your skin just like pearls, the best thing in the world, never trade you for anybody else.” Now fans on Twitter are saying Queen Bey has been “dethroned” by her own daughter.

“Beyoncé even featured the only queen able to dethrone her, Our fave Blue Ivy Carter. Sis snapped!!!!!!” one person tweeted while another wrote “Blue Ivy taking the crown away Beyoncé on Brown Skin Girls.” A user joked  “Thank you for giving us vocals Blue Ivy…oh ya mama did good too. #BrownSkinnedGirl.”

More fans were moved by the message of the lyrics that Blue Ivy sang.  “Beyoncé really wrote an anthem about Black women with dark skin and Blue Ivy singing the intro…and I’m in shambles at 9:30AM #BrownSkinGirl,” one woman tweeted. Another person cried when she heard the song, tweeting “‘Bursted out tears when I heard Blue Ivy Carter sing on Brown Skin Girl. Wow her impact.”

The song’s lyrics also give shout outs to Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Rowland, and Naomi Campbell: “Pose like a trophy when Naomis walk in/She need an Oscar for that pretty dark skin/Pretty like Lupita when the cameras close in/Drip broke the levee when my Kellys roll in.” Lupita was so overjoyed she shared a video on Twitter of her smiling away and dancing to the lyric with her name and captioned it “Brown Skin Girl. Thank you @Beyonce for this Gift! #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre.”

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