Body mod clown fanatic has had sex with 100s of women who see him as fetish

A clown fanatic has admitted that he gets plenty of female attention because of his body modifications, but warned that he finds it difficult to form long-lasting relationships.

Richie Esposito first donned a clown outfit as a young child, and his fascination quickly became an obsession as he modified his body with implants and face tattoos in the hope of mimicking his idols.

Now known as Richie the Barber, the entertainer has appeared in the national spotlight on America’s Got Talent. He recently told the No Jumper podcast about his body modifications, revealing that his eyebrow surgery left him with PTSD.

And, in the same podcast episode, Richie revealed that women are often attracted to his unusual persona, but admitted that his love for clowning around means he struggles to find a long-term match.

“I get the weirdest girls ever… If you want me, you're nuts,” he confessed.

“They think I'm crazy, but I’m not, I’m vanilla. I’m like let’s cuddle, let’s do doggy style. I’m not like let’s do bondage and beat me up you know?”

The podcast’s host followed this up by asking Richie whether the amount of people he had slept with entered the hundreds.

“Yeah probably, I’m a fetish and it kind of sucks. I’m like, ‘damn, I don’t want to be a fetish’, I want to love too dude,” he responded.

“I’ll hook up with a chick and I’m like, ‘that was awesome’, and then they’ll never call me back within like two weeks, maybe a month.”

Despite this, Richie emphasised that he is largely happy with the reactions he gets from strangers because of his extreme looks.

“I love it, it’s like a present. I’m walking around the street and people are like, ‘what? A colourful clown?’,” he laughed.

“I’ve got to embrace it, because if I don’t embrace it, it will be like a living hell… If I don’t feel good I’m just not going to go out, because I don’t want to do that to somebody that’s really excited to see me, I don’t want to let them down.”

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