Bookmark These Friendsgiving Captions for When You’re Too Full to Even Think

It’s 2022, so I think we can all agree that Friendsgiving is just as important as Thanksgiving in every way, shape, and form. Right? Right. So we need to treat it with the same amount of respect when it comes to things like party planning, decor ideas, and the Friendsgiving quotes you’re going to use as your Instagram captions.

Since you’re probs going to be in a food coma in a few weeks, thanks to the absolutely delish meal that you and your buds will make for each other (or order in, no shame!), you definitely won’t have the energy to come up with your own creative caption. I mean, you could do a Beyoncé and just go captionless, but if you feel weird about that, this is where I come in to help.

Read on for more than 60 captions and quotes you can absolutely steal for your #Friendsgiving #PiesBeforeGuys social posts. You’ll see that I laid out options for everything from the super-earnest friendship moments to snaps of the table spread sent from heaven. All I ask for in return is a plate of leftovers. Cool?

If you’re the head chef

If you took a 🔥 group pic

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If you wanna show off the spread

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If you’re shooting for the laughs

If you’re feeling ~classic~

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If you’re feeling sentimental

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