Bournemouth mother shares a dance video to promote body positivity

Mother-of-seven shares a defiant video as she jiggles her ‘mum tum’ after she binge ate to ‘punish herself’ for putting on weight

  • Tess Giddings, from Bournemouth, shared dancing clip of her embracing body
  • Mother-of-seven said she’s spent 20 years having no confidence and hating self
  • However has now embraced her body that gave her ‘seven fantastic children’ 
  • She now wants to encourage others to love their bodies and throw away scales 

A mother-of-seven has shared a video of her embracing her body to try and encourage other mums ‘to get on the body positivity train’. 

Tess Giddings, 31, from Bournemouth, posted the short clip of her dancing around her kitchen to Instagram after having a ‘blip’ when she weighed herself this week.

She explained that after seeing the numbers she went on a ‘huge binge all evening’ and ended up crying.

However the next day she reminded herself that her weight doesn’t matter, and that she should love her body as it gave her ‘seven amazing kids’. 

Tess Giddings, 31, from Bournemouth, pictured, shared a video of herself dancing after she weighed herself and had a ‘blip’ to get more mothers to embrace their bodies

Tess is mother to Jacob, 12, Savannah, 11, Amiah, nine, Zion, seven, Neveah, three, and twins Hezekiah and Levi who are two. 

She told FEMAIL: ‘I’ve spent 20 years, since I was 10 or 11, trapped in a vicious cycle of eating disorders, bulimia, binge eating, dieting, self hate and no confidence.

‘Now I have finally accepted myself and celebrated the fact my body has created seven amazing children. I’m finally learning to love body.

‘I’ve wasted so much of my life being miserable. I really want to help other women to accept themselves and stop constantly striving for society’s idea of perfection.’ 

The mother-of-seven danced around her kitchen and squeezed her stomach in the clip

Tess, pictured dancing left and right, touched her tummy and span around confidently in the empowering clip

In the caption to her video, Tess explained how she had a ‘blip in her self acceptance journey’ after she found some old scales while cleaning.

She said: ‘If you saw my stories today, you’ll see I had a little shall we say ‘blip’ in my self acceptance journey yesterday after stupidly weighing myself.

‘I haven’t weighed in months and vowed not to! Because I have been SO happy and content just not knowing and not caring what the scales say.

‘I threw my scales away weeks ago and found my old ones behind the fridge whilst cleaning it and jumped on them. Even before I did I knew it was a bad idea. 

Tess, pictured with her husband Chris and twins Hezekiah and Levi, said she has ‘finally accepted myself and celebrated the fact my body has created seven amazing children’

The mother, pictured with all her children and husband, revealed that she had struggled with confidence and eating disorders such as bulimia since she was 10 years old

‘And it was! I immediately fell back into that miserable self hate mode. I thought look how much you weigh, you haven’t lost as much as you’d though, still see fat.’

The mother-of-seven then explained how she went on to ‘have a huge binge all evening’ and ended up crying and ‘feeling crap.’ 

However the next day she decided to film the video and get back on the ‘body positivity train’ by sharing her struggle with her followers.

Tess, who runs Instagram account thegiddingstribe and is married to her husband Chris, often shares images to try and help women love their bodies.

Before her ‘blip’ this week which inspired the video Tess, pictured, hadn’t weighed herself in months after throwing out a set of scales

Tess, who runs Instagram account thegiddingstribe wants to inspire other mothers to join the ‘body positivity train.’ She is pictured with one of her daughters

Tess, pictured with her children, said she had ‘wasted so much of my life being miserable’ and now wants to help ‘other women to accept themselves’

In one picture she is seen on a counter top with a large pizza box and explained how she used to feel guilty when she ordered a takeaway.

She said: ‘I genuinely never ever thought I’d come to a place to happiness in the skin I’m in with my saggy belly, stretch marks, loose skin etc. But I can honestly say I’m well on my way.’

And in another Tess shared two images showing how picture angles can effect how people look.

She wrote: ‘Six pregnancies has left that once toned stomach in tatters, alongside loose skin, stretch marks and a stretched appendix scar.

Tess often posts images to show her followers that they should embrace their bodies. In this picture she explained how she used to feel guilty for eating takeaways but doesn’t anymore

The mother-of-seven, pictured, shared these pictures of herself on her Instagram page and said she thanks her ‘body though for what it has achieved’ through six pregancies

‘I thank my body though for what it has achieved although accepting my post baby body is an ongoing journey. 

‘A year or so ago I never ever would have posted a photo like this for the world to see, so that gives me satisfaction knowing how far I’ve come.

‘There is nothing wrong with wearing flattering clothes and taking good angled photos, it gives us a little joy to look good right! 

‘But just remember that everyone no matter how perfectly toned or beautiful will struggle, your not alone.’   

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