Boy, 14, with Limb Differences Tackles 20-Inch Box Jump in Inspiring Viral Video

One boy isn’t letting limb difference get in the way of his achievements.

In a viral video shared by Twitter user Brad Vinyard last week, a teenager named Tim was captured “overcoming his fears and self-doubt and landing a 20″ box jump” during NubAbility camp.

During the clip, Tim makes several attempts to jump up on the box, all while being encouraged by coaches, including one who says, “All the people that told you you can’t, right here, jump on them now.”

Eventually, Tim makes the jump — an achievement met with applause and tears.

NubAbility is a non-profit organization that instructs and encourages congenital and traumatic amputee youth athletes to compete in mainstream sports. Instructors offer adaptive techniques for each sport a camper is interested in, from football and soccer to skiing and fishing.

According to TMZ, Tim, 14, has been attending NubAbility camp for years and has participated in several sports, including volleyball. His interest in strength training began last year, leading Tim to spend more time during camp at the gym, the outlet reported.

In an interview with TMZ, Vinyard — who is a coach and also has limb difference — said the entire video was much longer, around five minutes, as Tim “kept wanting to walk away.”

Vinyard said he and the other coaches told Tim, “You’ve proved to yourself already that you can do this. Why are you hesitating? Why are you holding back?”

After Tim successfully achieved the Jump, Vinyard told TMZ, “We were all just an emotional wreck the whole time, but it was a pretty special moment. I had no idea when it was happening that it was going to be viral like its been.”

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