‘Boyfriend’s sent naked pics to colleague he’s kissed – but he says it’s banter’

My boyfriend has been sending naked pictures to a colleague, they’ve been meeting for drinks and he admits he’s kissed her on the lips.

I call that cheating. He disagrees. He says what they have is simply banter.

Apparently she thinks his X-rated pics are hilarious, while the “affectionate” kissing never involves tongues.

I’m being made to feel a nuisance for daring to question him.

He claims she’s in love with someone else and not interested in him.

Do you buy that?

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JANE SAYS: Your boyfriend can’t simply dismiss your concerns with the wave of a hand.

You are ­entitled to speak your mind and understand what’s going on.

Emphasise that you’re uncomfortable with this situation and that you’d like him to back off.

If that’s a problem, then where do his loyalties actually lie? How would he like it if the roles were reversed?

Sadly, if he can’t give you the promises you crave, and you still find yourself looking over your shoulder, then maybe you need some time apart.

Tell him to get back to you when he can commit 100% to your relationship and stop playing games.

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