Briana DeJesus Celebrates Legal Victory Over Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom Premiere

"The judge ripped everything up and was like, 'F— that bitch."

Kailyn Lowry may be done with “Teen Mom,” but the show isn’t totally done with her.

On the series premiere of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” Lowry’s name came up quite a bit during Briana DeJesus’ storyline, as Briana opened up about the legal drama between them at the time. In June 2021, Lowry sued her then-costar for defamation, after DeJesus claimed Kail refused to film their reality show following a 2020 arrest stemming from an alleged fight with Chris Lopez. While he claimed she struck him during the argument, she denied things ever turned physical and the charges were later dropped.

In the premiere, Bri said she was “so over” the ongoing legal battle, calling the deposition she had to sit for “mentally exhausting.”

“All the questions she asked me wasn’t even about the case, it was more about my history with Javi or my friendship with Chris. They wanted to know if me and him hooked up or me and him did whatever,” she explained, saying her legal fees were around $100,000.

“It’s a waste, who wants to spend money on paperwork and lawyers when you can use that? We have kids,” DeJesus exclaimed, before adding that she has been trying to keep her children away from the court drama. “They have no idea,” she said.

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Later in the premiere, DeJesus got a call from her lawyer, who she said told her she “won the lawsuit.” Technically, her legal team succeeded in getting the case dismissed.

“The judge ripped everything up and was like, ‘F— that bitch,'” Briana joked. “Oh my god, I’m so excited right now, I’m so happy right now, I don’t know where to begin, but I f—ing won. I f—ing won and I’m so happy about it. I won.”

At the time the case was dismissed, Lowry reacted on her Instagram Story.

“While today’s ruling is unfortunate, I have to respect the judge’s decision. With that being said, I stand by my truth and the information spread about me is still not true,” she said at the time. “I would like to thank my legal team for fighting for me, and I am looking forward to life after this lawsuit so I can focus my energy solely on my boys and my future business endeavors.”

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Of Lowry, Briana told costar Jade Cline that “the bitch has to pay my lawyer fees,” before deciding to throw a party to celebrate her legal victory.

“I would love to see everybody under one roof who support me and love me and I just wanna have a good time with them. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would be here today,” she explained in a confessional. “That s— was the most stressful thing I’ve ever been through. A part of me doesn’t believe that I won this lawsuit, so I feel like throwing a party will just have the outcome embedded in me.”

Among the people invited to the victory party: Jenelle Evans — though she didn’t appear in the premiere and was teased for an arrival next week. Evans’ invitation didn’t sit too well with Cline, who felt Jenelle and her husband David Eason had talked smack about her in the press. “I don’t care to be friendly, I have enough friends. I’m not over here being fake cool though,” she warned.

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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