Bride poses for joyful first look photos with her brother

First look photoshoots – capturing the reaction to seeing a bride in her wedding gown for the first time – are always emotional.

But this one is special.

Rather than going for the traditional first look photos, which typically capture the groom’s reaction to the bride, when Ashley got married to Brian she decided to have a photoshoot with her brother, Nick Rice.

Nick has Down’s Syndrome and has always been close with his sibling – so his response to seeing Ashley ready to tie the knot was pretty beautiful. And thankfully, it was all captured on camera by Kelsey Watroba.

Photos show Nick being surprised by Ashley walking into the room in a white gown, then capture his joyful smile as he takes everything in.

The pair were able to have a personal moment before the ceremony, allowing Nick to properly congratulate the bride. He said she was ‘the most indescribable person in the world’.

Alongside taking part in this special moment, Nick also served as a groomsman for the wedding and made a beautiful speech at the wedding reception.

Photographer Kelsey shared photos of the first look on Facebook, where they were quickly shared more than 14,000 times.

Kelsey wrote: ‘Ohhh my…This wedding day was extraordinary for many reasons. But possibly one of my favorite moments was the special first looked Ashley planned for her little brother, Nick.

‘Before the ceremony, these two carved out a moment to spend together.

‘And it was so special and pure. Nick had some very heartfelt thoughts to share with his sister.

‘When I tell you, that there was not a dry eye in the room… oh yes I was right along with them in tears.

‘I love that Ashley and her husband Brian chose to include moments in their day that felt right to them, even if it’s a little outside the ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’

‘It’s so important to remember that this day is about your relationship, your families, and your values. And guess what? That’s different for everyone!’

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