Brit notices ‘little dig’ doctor left about fitness on his medical records

A Reddit user has given Brits a laugh after uploading the note his doctor wrote about him online, but not all is as it seems.

The poster had recently downloaded an NHS app which allows you to view your medical records and prescriptions.

More and more GPs are adopting the system, some of which allow you to book appointments and order medication on the app.

And, the bloke was clearly browsing the settings when he spotted an old note from 2013.

It’s likely that the comment was added to his record when he signed up for his current GP.

He captioned the snap: “Just LOVE the NHS app!

“How else could I find this little dig from a Doc 7 years ago.”

Under the additional notes section from 2013 his doctor had written: “House rented – private landlord.

“Avoids even trivial exercise.


And, over 9,000 people liked the photo in the subforum CasualUK.

Commenters were cracking up at the attitude of the doctor.

One noted: “Trivial exercise? Is that like walking to the fridge?”

“Or lives nextdoor to Tesco but still drives,” replied another.

A third laughed: “I love the idea of avoiding trivial exercise, like you’ve set up a system of pulleys to shove your fork in your mouth lest you burn an unnecessary calorie lifting it by hand.”

Plenty of other Reddit users shared the bizarre comments they had on their medical records.

A new mum said: “I saw the notes from my first birth over the midwifes shoulder, the previous midwife had said ‘family has bizarre sense of humour’ (she was quite weird though) and then ‘grandmother held infant next to open window’ which I felt was unnecessary.”

Another commenter added: “My favourite was my minor case of ‘White British’ in the health conditions section.”

But, one healthcare professional noted that it was probably a code.

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They said: “It’s a code. Codes are used for population health data and planning services. Things like smoking rates are taken from these codes.

“I work in secondary care and some of the codes are old and funny. Dizziness and giddiness’ is a personal favourite.”

To which someone replied: “There's a weird one on our system something along the lines of 'hit by a projectile from a burning caravan’”.

Other codes written on the thread included “accidentally stung by a sea cucumber” and “occupant of spacecraft injured”.

So keep an eye out for any codes on your transcripts…

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