Bryce Hall Ignites Feud with Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy After Calling Him a 'Very Sad Old Man'

“Advise — Less dancing in a mirror. Play more sports. Stop being a p—y,” Portnoy wrote.

Bryce Hall’s beef with Lil Yachty might be squashed for now, but the TikTok star has now ignited a feud with Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy.

It all began on Thursday when a tweet went out from the Twitter account of the “BFF’s” podcast, which Portnoy hosts with Hall’s Sway housemate and fellow TikTok star, Josh Richards.

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The tweet in question included a screenshot showing Hall’s Spotify activity. The photo appeared to reveal that the influencer had been listening to Yachty’s song “E-ER,” the song which had created a feud between Hall and Yachty as the latter references Hall’s girlfriend, Addison Rae, in the song.

“This you? @brycehall @lilyachty,” the tweet read.

While it’s unclear if Portnoy wrote the post, Hall went off on the 43-year-old Internet celebrity, calling him “embarrassing.”

“You’re a very sad old man dave… creating a podcast with an 18 year old as a 50 year old man for clout is an embarrassing enough insult as is… ,” he tweeted alongside the podcast’s post. “Don’t even need to come on your shit podcast nor even roast you lol.”

Portnoy replied by bringing up “Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper’s recent ranking of Hall and the Sway House boys in which she compared Hall to Sid the Sloth from “Ice Age.”

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“Are you crying? @BryceHall. I think Bryce is crying,” Portnoy wrote, sharing a GIF of Sid from the animated film. “Oh boo hoo Bwyceeee mad mad. All cause @alexandracooper said he looks like Sid from ‘Ice Age.'”

“Advise — Less dancing in a mirror,” Portnoy continued. “Play more sports. Stop being a p—y.”

Hall then clapped back by continuing to poke fun at Portnoy’s age. “Shouldn’t you be in a retirement home you weird old f–k?” he wrote. “I’d say play more sports but you’d probably pull your back out or something.”

In response, Portnoy tagged a Barstool co-worker, saying they need to “teach Sid a lesson.”

“I wish I didn’t have to do this. I really didn’t. But the kid has to learn. @Vindog45 ATTACK @BryceHall,” he wrote, to which Hall replied, “oh no!!! attack of the old people.”

Portnoy then tweeted out a series of memes, including a video of Hall’s head on that of the Charmin bear.

Hall quickly shared his thoughts on the memes, writing, “guys… a team of 70 year olds are making memes of me. i think im gonna deactivate.” Shortly after, Hall posted a link to an unrelated YouTube video and said he was “done giving the old fart hole attention.”

However, Portnoy wasn’t done with the Twitter war just yet, as he posted a video of him playing baseball “less than a month ago” to show his athletic skills were still in tact.

“Has this ball landed,” he wrote alongside the clip, before adding what appeared to be a text convo between a friend and Hall.

“Hey @brycehall, it wasn’t personal when you begged me to be on your podcast and I said no,” Portnoy shared.

While it seemed to have ended there, it’s worth noting that the heated Twitter exchange came just one day after Portnoy asked Richards about Hall on the latest episode of their “BFFs'” podcast.

“I don’t think he’s really fond of you Dave,” Richards said, noting that Cooper’s remark “kind of hurt [Hall] a little bit.”

“In his head, it’s not a soft thing,” Richards continued. “It’s more like [he’s] not going to go talk to someone that he feels that made someone disrespect him.”

“This guy’s gotta be the softest dude ever. Does he not bust balls?” Portnoy said in reply. “Nothing that bad has been said about him. Alex said he looked like Sid from ‘Ice Age.’ I said he was the ugliest Sway boy but who f–king cares?”

Ultimately, Richards suggested they all do a type of “couple’s therapy.” However, after Portnoy and Hall’s Twitter war, it’s unclear whether or not that will happen anytime soon.

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