Budgeting expert reveals the four things she stopped buying in order to meet her financial goals

IF YOU'VE heard that cutting out your daily Starbucks coffee might help you reach your financial goals, then it might be worth trying as this budgeting expert has agreed with that notion.

She also has revealed the four things she’s stopped buying in order to meet her financial goals.

Taking to TikTok, the expert, through her account Let's Talk Money, revealed she cut back on buying new clothes, specifically fast fashion or clothes that are simply in style for a few months.

Additionally, she also stopped splurging on coffee everyday from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts or going out to eat every single weekend.

Lastly, she cut off monthly subscriptions that she no longer used or enjoyed, as well as her cable TV subscription.

Previously, Nathan Liao, founder of CMA Exam Academy told The Sun that there are nine things that can drain a person's budget without them fully realizing it.

He agreed with Let's Talk Money on the fact that buying food every other day and keeping subscriptions you don't use could have you spending unnecessarily.

Buying family-sized products, trying to get free shipping on every online order by hitting a specific amount, and ordering groceries delivered to your home could also affect your budget.

Liao also warned against not paying your credit card in full every month can affect how much you spend as you can pay even more with fees.

Additionally, some credit cards even charge your yearly fees that could be totally pointless if you don't reap the benefits.

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