Cadbury Dream bars are back on sale 18 years after they were first launched – but you have to be quick

Fans of the Cadbury Dream bar have had their prayers answered after it is back on sale 18 years after it was first launched.

The confectionary giant discontinued the white chocolate bar after reported poor sales in the UK, but for those who lived abroad it was still available in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

In 2019 Cadbury rebranded the original bar, which tasted different to other white chocolate bars because it was made with real cocoa, replacing it with a new name 'Cadbury White'.

The Cadbury White was available exclusively at supermarket Asda, but disappeared from shelves leaving fans devastated.

However those in desperate need of their fix resorted to expensive measure – by buying the original Dream bar from online site GB Gifts who had started importing the sweet treat from Australia and selling it online for £5.99.

Those who didn't fancy shelling out for the 180g can now get it cheaper, as it's currently on sale at B&M for £2.99, a bargain store loved by Mrs Hinch and Olivia Bowen Buckland.

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The Dream bar was first spotted by snack reviewer John Davies, who shared his thoughts on the bar after picking it up from his local store.

"As out in B&M for £2.99! 9/10 – oooshhhh this for me is nicer than Cadbury white! It's so creamy and how white chocolate should be!"

"My only concern is the mass fat & sugar content! Per 4 squares was 9g fat, 5g saturated and 15g sugar! But…we're not allowed go fill ya boots!"

B&M don't sell any of their products online so you will need to check your local store to get your hands on the creamy white chocolate.

Last year Cadbury released the 'Cadbury White' collection in a bar and sharing size bags of white buttons, along with white Freddo Treasures that came in the standard size.

Cadbury isn't officially relaunching the Dream bar so this will be your only chance to get your hands on the chocolate as B&M said it wouldn't be stocked for long.

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The Dream bar follows a whole host of other chocolates that have been discontinued yet loved by confectionary fans.

In 2018 thousands of people signed a petition for the safe return of Mars Delight which was discontinued in 2008, but it never appeared. The smaller bar included rippled wafer surrounded by caramel cream and cocoa cream covered in milk chocolate.

Another popular wafer snack was the Time out, which was originally sold under the tag line 'the wafer break with a layer of flake' this hybrid delicious choc was discontinued back in 2016.

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