Camilla is happy playing second fiddle to Charles as body language feels left out

Prince Charles arrives in Jordan ahead of tour

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The royal couple were seen being greeted by the Royal Jordanian Guard, before being met by Britain’s Ambassador to Jordan and a team of defence staff. Prince Charles was in the spotlight as the future King and looked very happy to be greeted with such adoration. Camilla in the meantime stood behind her husband, with her sunglasses on to protect her from the strong Jordanian sun.

The Queen has made headlines in recent weeks for her health, as she has cancelled many public engagements due to her doctor’s orders to rest.

Just two days ago, the monarch cancelled her appearance at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday due to a sprained back.

Prince Charles will most likely be taking on a larger number of duties due to the apparent declining health of his mother.

The 73-year-old celebrated his birthday on November 14 and is now in Jordan with his wife to visit Al Husseiniya Palace for a formal welcome with His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania.

A body language expert spoke to about the royal couple’s arrival in Jordan, and what signals the future King was showing through his body language.

Judi James said: “It is uplifting to see royal visits getting back to what looks like business as usual with his trip to Jordan for Charles and Camilla.

“Charles looks especially glad to get back doing what he clearly does well and his enthusiasm shows not just in his facial expression but in what looks like a nippy exit down the plane steps to meet with his hosts.

“His active gesticulation as he engages in conversation, placing his hand on his chest in a greeting ritual before standing with his right hand held out and his neck leaning to signal he is asking questions here suggest an enthusiasm to get on with the job again.

“He has also managed to beat Camilla down the steps as she is some six or so steps behind him before he is busy hitting the ground running.

“Charles might have performed a more gallant ritual by waiting for his wife and introducing her to his hosts but Camilla’s smile suggests she’s reasonably happy playing second fiddle and that she doesn’t worry about being left out of the meet and greets.”

The Royal Family have made official trips to Northern Ireland as well as France since the coronavirus pandemic restrictions were lifted, however, Prince Charles and Camilla’s trip to Jordan is the first official visit outside of Europe.

Prince Charles and Camilla landed in the Middle East, where they disembarked from their Royal Air Force aircraft.

The royal couple arrived at Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan’s capital Amman.

The King, Queen, future King and Duchess are expected to walk through the Palace for a guard of honour in the inner courtyard, before a private meeting.

During the afternoon, Camilla and Queen Rania will visit the “Little Home” area of the Queen Rania Family and Children Centre, set up to help protect children from abuse.

The Prince and Duchess will then go on to visit the place believed to be the site of Jesus’s baptism.

Prince Charles and Camilla will then travel across to the Baptism site where they will walk down the steps to the riverbed.

On Tuesday evening, they will join King Abdullah II and Queen Rania at Al Husseiniya Palace.

The Duchess of Cornwall looked lovely in a Fiona Clare blue midi dress, perfect for the hot Middle Eastern weather.

Camilla was also wearing a pair of Sole Bliss nude block heels.

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