Cardi B Thanks the Woman Who Edits Out Her Cellulite in VMA Speech

Because of course.

Cardi B did not disappoint when she accepted the award for Best Hip Hop visual during Monday night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

After snagging the moonperson trophy for her 2018 hit, "Money," Cardi took the stage and came to play. She pranced about as the audience chanted her name, then delivered the most candid "thank you" in possibly the show’s history.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! Let me do my speech now! Lemme do my speech," begged the rapper, who was decked out in a long, dark red, cut-out dress made of ropes. Her hair was in a lob. Makeup on point.

"So since this is a video music award and everything, I really wanna thank my music video team," she began. "First , Jora [Frantzis] — that’s the director and everything. She gotta hear my mouth like, ‘I look ugly, edit my stomach, edit my butt, smooth my cellulites out.’"

"And I wanna thank my glam team. Kollin Carter, Vincent, Tokyo Stylez, Erika La Pearl," she continued, naming them one by one. "Thank y’all so much! Without ya’ll, my music videos wouldn’t look like this! Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh."

"Thank you, Jesus!" Cardi concluded. "Thank you, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Thank you, everybody! Goodbye! Hahaha!"

"Money," which you can watch below as long as there are no children around, has been watched almost 84 million times since its December debut.

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