Child Development Experts Help Baby Gorilla at Disney's Animal Kingdom with Coordination Skills

Grace, a western lowland gorilla baby, is quickly acclimating to her life at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but keepers noticed the little primate was slightly behind in her development, particularly in her motor coordination skills.

To help Grace thrive, the Animal Kingdom came up with a creative solution to her developmental delay. The park invited two child development experts for humans to the Animal Kingdom to work with the baby gorilla. Since baby gorillas and baby humans learn and progress in similar ways, the child development experts have tools that can help Grace.

The experts have worked with Grace for several weeks and are already seeing a noticeable improvement in the gorilla's mobility and body confidence. Animal lovers can get a peek at how this unique work is done in the clip above, and see even more by tuning in to the final episode of Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom's first season. The new episode premieres on Disney + on Friday, Nov. 13.

The season finale of the show, which goes behind the scenes of Disney's Animal Kingdom park, also includes the complicated relationship between two hippo friends, the pains that come with love as a rhino, and a shark's emergency trip to the vet.

The first seven episodes of Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom are available now on Disney+ and Grace's episode will hit the streaming service on Friday, Nov. 13.

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