Constance Wu Details Sexual Assault in Memoir

"I didn't fight back. I just … gave up," she recalls in an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, "Making a Scene."

Constance Wu is opening up about a horrific sexual assault.

In an excerpt from her upcoming memoir, “Making a Scene,” per Vanity Fair, the 40-year-old actress revealed she was raped in her 20s and recalled the assault in graphic detail.

Wu said she was sexually assaulted by an “aspiring novelist” named Ty, sharing that it occurred following their second date.

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After they had dinner, Wu said Ty invited her to come to his place, which was nearby, as he told her he wanted to give her a gift.

“I felt a twinge of warning in my gut, but I ignored it — he didn’t look threatening or shady in any way, and if you had been there, you would have agreed,” she wrote. “Plus, I didn’t want to insult his friendly invitation by making him think I perceived a threat.”

Wu said he gave her a gift, and she “kissed him to say thanks.” She added, “The kissing escalated to some fooling around,” before they started to become intimate. However, Wu asked Ty to stop twice, telling him that she wasn’t “ready to have sex” with him.

And as Wu wrote in part, “he … did it anyway.” She recalled, “I didn’t fight back. I just … gave up.”

Later in the excerpt, Wu explained how she appeared to all but forget the incident in the years that followed, even making herself believe that it never actually happened.

“Hearing rape survivors’ stories didn’t seem to trigger me,” she wrote. “It pissed me off in a way that I thought was activism. I’d hold their hands and listen. ‘One in five women experiences sexual assault. It’s not your fault. I’d tell them. ‘You are not alone.’ All the while thinking how fortunate it was that I had never been raped.”

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However, over 10 years later, the assault “all came back” to her when she was on a flight back from Singapore after shooting the 2018 film, “Crazy Rich Asians.”

“I’d just woken up from a nap when the realization hit me like a flood,” Wu wrote. “Ty raped me. He raped me, and I hadn’t done anything about it. A strange sound involuntarily croaked out of my throat, almost a squawk. Embarrassed, I hoped no one on the plane heard me. My heart was pounding. For a split second, I panicked.”

At the end of the excerpt, she stressed: “I did not consent to sex. Maybe it wasn’t violent, but it was rape. Period.”

“Some people might say that I should have fought back against Ty,” she added. “But if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change how I reacted that night. Because when I think about the girl I was back then, I understand what she was going through. She wasn’t yet ready to bear the insults and derision that follow when women make scenes. And I wouldn’t make her do something before she was ready.”

Read the excerpt in full, here.

“Making a Scene” is set to be released on October 4.

The National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline — 800.656.HOPE (4673) — provides free, 24/7 support for those in need.

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