‘Could it be that Chris Scott is taking one for the team?’

Another final, another loss for Geelong.

And coach Chris Scott is copping a lot of heat in the wake of the defeat to Collingwood.

This week on The Age Real Footy Podcast, Jimmy Bartel joins Michael Gleeson, Jake Niall and Caroline Wilson to discuss the fallout from the first week of finals and whether Scott's comments in the post-match press conference were a double bluff to draw the heat away from his players.

But beyond that, there are some key questions out of the first qualifying final. Why didn't the Cats drop Harry Taylor? What was the real reason Rhys Stanley missed? What are the key factors behind Tom Hawkins' drop in form?

Football director Bartel also gives the inside word on the Giants' "heated" performance against the Western Bulldogs and the "angst" behind their attitude, with the club responding to being smashed by the Bulldogs in round 22 and Marcus Bontempelli's lack of suspension out of that game.

The panel also discusses the coaching situation at Essendon. The Bombers lost another final, but the club has now publicly backed coach John Worsfold for next season. But there is plenty of change already happening in the football department, and it seems there will be more over the off-season.

Plus, a look at the Tigers' big win over the Lions, what makes them an "incredible threat" this year, and what they have to do to avoid history repeating with a shock loss in the preliminary final. And the panel thinks Brisbane has a forward line problem and it could cost them this weekend against the Giants.

And we go back inside the coaches' box with Hawthorn assistant Scott Burns, for a look at the tactics that shaped the first week of finals and could have an impact going forward.

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