Couple take sexy pics when kids are out and say job makes them better parents

A woman who joined OnlyFans with her husband is now making £21,000 a month – and says it’s made her a “better parent”.

The 33-year-old model, who goes by the name Jenn Hanniston, recently overcame skin cancer.

She was diagnosed with melanoma in May 2020 and had surgery to remove the growth shortly after.

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Thankfully, the op was successful and Jenn was given the all-clear.

This experience taught her to “embrace life” – so she signed up to the adult subscription site with her husband Brad, 36, to make extra money.

The couple, who have been married for 10 years, say the new job has given them more time with their three kids.

Jenn, a former drama student from Essex, said: “I got the cancer diagnosis in lockdown, and it was a bit eye opener.

"It really makes you re-evaluate your life and what you want to do.

“Why not do something we enjoy doing and make some money?

“We’ve always been a very open couple and keen to explore things together.

“The money is great but one of the best perks is spending more time with the kids.

"We spend more quality time together – it's made us better parents…

“I have done some webcamming in the past, so I was comfortable being naked on camera.

“I heard about a friend doing OnlyFans and I thought: 'Why not?'

“Seemed like a no-brainer money-wise so why not try it?

“You have one life, why not embrace it?"

Jenn’s saucy modelling venture proved to be so lucrative that her husband Brad decided to join her.

The former roofer said: “We’re always on the same wave-length and a very open couple.

“I knew we’d work well as a team, so I was game to try it with her.

“We thought we’d make a few hundred and couldn't believe it went it crept into thousands."

The pair film their raunchiest content when their kids are out of the house – at school or nursery.

They've completed some crazy requests, including peeing on each other, but draw the line at inviting anyone else into the bedroom with them.

During one of their most successful months, the couple made £21,000 together.

This wasn't "easy money" though – as it's taken them a long time to garner and audience.

Brad said: “It’s taken a long time and a lot of graft to build followers and get to where we are now.

“Nowadays, you can’t just sell some pics of your feet at expect to make thousands.

“You have to give people the full shebang – it has to be worth it for them.

“Otherwise, people could just to Pornhub or get it for free.”

The couple, who run a TikTok account with 36million likes, are very open about their career.

Jenn, who has a three-year-old with Brad, and two kids aged 13 and 16 from a previous relationship, said: "Friends and family all know what we do for a living – my mum is super supportive.

"But we try our best to keep our children off social media or knowing too much about it.

"There is a lot of stigma attached to doing a job like this.

"You need a really thick skin – especially as a woman.

"Some messages can be very pushy, so I can imagine it's a lot of pressure for a woman doing it alone.

"I feel very lucky in that sense that we're doing this together."

Brad added: “We’re a great support system for each other – staying strong and setting boundaries.

"Sometimes we film content at night when the kids are in bed, which some people have commented on.

"But I say, don't all parents have sex while their kids are in bed?

"We just have a camera there with us – we're actually a very vanilla couple.

"At the end of the day, we're not hurting anyone.

"We're having fun and enjoying ourselves and it's made a stronger couple."


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