Crafty driver busted for using flashlights as headlights

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It may cost them a few points on their license —but this crafty driver deserves bonus points for resourcefulness.

Police in Washington state pulled over a Chevrolet sedan near North Bend on Monday morning after noticing the car had “super dim” headlights, according to CNN.

A closer look by WSP officer Rick Johnson revealed they were no headlights at all, but a pair of jumbo lantern flashlights, which were evidently used to replace bulbs that were lost in a traffic accident.

Unfortunately, the makeshift illumination didn’t meet legal standards for lumens required to light the road ahead.

The driver was also operating with a suspended license, Johnson said. Law enforcement provided no further details on the driver or circumstances by which they reasoned that flashlights were a passable replacement for high beams.

“I don’t know of any car manufacturer that duct tapes flashlights to the front of their cars upon sale,” Johnson said. “But you know, I guess this is 2020, right?”

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