Creative mum transforms kitchen floor for less than £50 using cheap eBay stencil

Want to refresh your kitchen floors without having to shell out big bucks for brand new tiles or wood?

Well, it is possible – and one woman managed to transform the look of her kitchen for less than £50 using a cheap eBay stencil and paint.

Fahmida Khatun, 33, a stay at home mum-of-two from London, was inspired by social media to get to work changing her kitchen floor herself using Frenchic paint and a stencil. 

‘I moved into my place three years ago and always disliked the kitchen floor, so I really wanted to change it,’ Fahmida told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK.

‘I started following Frenchic on social media and I saw other followers painting their floor so I wanted to do mine. I looked at the page for inspiration and decided to go ahead with it after researching.’

Fahmida decided to use Frenchic Al Fresco Swanky Pants for the base and Frenchic Lazy Range Whitey White for the stencil.

‘I first prepped my kitchen floor by cleaning it with sugar soap and a sponge,’ she explains. ‘Then I wiped it with a clean cloth and allowed the floor to fully dry.

‘I did one coat of Swanky Pants, let it dry for two hours then did another coat. Altogether I did three coats.’

The next evening, Fahmida did the stencilling – and it was a pretty simple job.

‘I placed the stencil on top and did a light coat with a roller,’ she says. ‘Because it was a very thin coat, it dried very quickly and I did the next and so on. It took me about two hours to complete the whole floor.

‘I then let it dry fully and the next day varnished the floor doing four coats, leaving two to three hours in between to dry. I then left it covered to let it cure and paint settle more.’

In total, Fahmida used two tubs of Frenchic paint at £13 each, rollers for £2, a sponge for £1, a stencil from ebay for £14, sugar soap for £1 and varnish from Wilko for £5.25. 

Altogether, the job cost her £49.25.

‘I’m very pleased with how it’s come out and made a big difference to my kitchen floor,’ she says.

‘I managed to do all this for £50 and it feels great. It’s made a big difference. It makes me happy knowing that I’ve done it by myself and feels like an achievement.’

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