Dad in Christmas GoFundme appeal claims his family’s lives ‘have been made hell’

The partner of a mum who who raised thousands of pounds in an emotional Christmas online appeal claims the publicity has "ruined" his family's life.

Ryan Rodgers' partner Jenny Grimes created a "family in need of help" Go Fund Me web page which has attracted donations totalling more than £3,000.

The jobless pair from Liverpool, have seven children and claim the controversial benefit cap has left them broke over the festive season.

Shelly Grattan, Ms Grime's mum, described her son-in-law as  "a feckless liar" who is "trying to con the public" and claimed the cash raised will be spent on booze.

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Mr Rodgers whined on his partner's Facebook page that his life and his family's lives had been "ruined" after their online campaign became headline news.

He said: "I didn't want to comment back to anyone.

"This is the 1 and only time that I will say anything.

"What you should know is that we are giving over £2000 back to the charities and the people that have helped us in the time that we have been going through a hard time.

"We didn't do any of this for donations it was to raise awareness after going through the hardest year of my life after personal reasons and me not being able to go to work.

"The things that have been said is disgraceful and has actually ruined not only my life but also my family aswel."

Before the controversial benefit cap came in the family received £2,100 a month but they now claim once they have paid their rent they are forced to live on £669.50.

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They claim this sum is shrunk to just £480 a month because of an advance payment they were given when they were switched to Universal Credit .

Mr Rodgers lost his job over a health scare last year but before they "wanted for nothing" when he was employed as a waiter.

He said he says he suffers from depression and anxiety and is now a reformed alcoholic.

Addressing claims he was lazy, Mr Rodgers said on the post: "I have worked up until the end of last year. Both me and Jenny are amazing parents and the kids are very well looked after.

"This whole thing is outrageous and has caused a lot of problems for me when all I was doing is trying to make a difference and raise awareness for me and families in my position.

"Please think about the comments you are all making and what it is doing to my family.

"We are not liars and our intention from the very start was just to speak out but with every negative there's a positive and hopefully things start to for others in the same situation."

The couple's children are Ellie, seven, six-year-old twins Kenzie and Kelsie, Laysie, four, Archie, two and two twin boys, Tobie and Rylie, aged seven months.

They live in a three-bedroom home costing £675 a month to rent.

On the Go Fund Me web page set up by Ms Grimes, she set a target of £1,000, saying: "We feel really ashamed to have to do this as we've never had to do anything like this before, I hate to have to do this and it's took a lot for me to actually do it but there is only so much we can do as a family.

"Any help at all is very much appreciated even if you could point me in the direction of getting some help. Thank you!"

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