Daily horoscope for June 24: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today

Monday, June 24, arrives with a square between two emotional and feminine planets, Venus and Neptune. We should therefore expect to be particularly sensitive to our emotions today, and even a little vulnerable. So expect to be adversely affected by misunderstandings, in terms of our relationships and personal lives.

You may be slightly susceptible to be fooled by illusions and those unrealistic expectations in term of our relations today.

We could well be revived by inspiration and creative today

MarStars astrologer Marina Stoichkova

But also this can also be a time where we need to make a certain sacrifice.

This will be especially be the case for friends, family and those we care for.

This is because making a sacrifice is related to the planet Neptune.

However, MarStars astrologer Marina Stoichkova, believes that although this is a challenging aspect, there are also opportunities to this astrological combination.

She said: “The positive side is we could well be revived by inspiration and creative today.

“If you are an artist involved in beauty, design or fashion, you may receive some extra energy.

“The important part is knowing you will need to work for this inspiration.”

This energy is not something which will arrive easily without effort.

These square aspects require work, effort and something to be done in order to achieve the reward.

Ms Stoichkova continued: “If you are prepared to work, this aspect will make you more productive and inspired.”

But remember, in terms of personal matters, this aspect is not so supportive.

We can be more vulnerable, while some minor lying and cheating is almost inevitable.

You may realise someone is pretending to the something that they are in fact not.

Love triangles may be revealed today, or some of your secrets may be revealed behind your back.

And another astrological matter which can exaggerate this sensitivity is the position of the Moon.

The Moon will remain in Pisces for the duration of the day.

Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune, meaning this planet will become extremely powerful today.

This means even more intuition and inspiration, but the physical level of this anergy is not so high.

The MarStars astrologer added: “You may be lacking the necessary energy, motivation or strength to do something requiring hard work, patience or being grounded.

“This is a combination which is related to spiritual work, relaxation, mediation and creativity.

“Anything else should probably be rescheduled for the next day.”

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