Daily horoscope for May 7: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

A Scorpio Supermoon takes place this Thursday – an event considered auspicious for your horoscope. The Sun and Moon also enter an elegant dance with Mercury and Neptune during the day.

It is as a result hard not to be totally enchanted by what you hear.

Expect rather mysterious news, while communication can in general also except their grip.

You can also anticipate being unable to resist solving certain strange riddles.

It may, however, be far too early to really understand the meaning of this aspect.


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One thing is for sure, planet Neptune is certain to put an enticing spin on matters.

Star sign Scorpio is believed to be the most powerful magnet for many astrologers.

The Crab is capable of pulling you in, mesmerising yo and even overpowering against your better judgment.

This is the power of hypnotic Water Sign Scorpio.

Then, after the addition of Neptune, it may be difficult to resist this Scorpio Full Moon’s mysterious charm.

There’s some inspiring news accompanying today’s Full Moon.

Mercury forms a Sextile with Neptune, which coincides with the Sun and Moon connecting with them both.

The Sextile is an aspect formed when planets are two signs or about 60 degrees apart.


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The aspect is a positive harmony between planets capable of creating new pathways for growth.

A glamorous, romantic message may well have you in its grip.

Now is the time to distinguish between truth and mere fantasy.

The only problem discovering the truth is you are in it for the thrill more than anything else.

The Moon also Sextiles Pluto and Jupiter, before forming a Squares with Mars as Thursday night approaches.

This cosmic combination is capable of exaggerating these feelings all more.

Those feeling emotionally fragile at this time should never blame themselves.

Instead, pin the blame on the lunacy created by the Thursday’s Full Moon.

Fortunately, the Moon will soon start to wane, meaning you should expect to feel better soon.

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