DAYZ Archives Rounds of The Year With "SKOLOCT Rising" Exhibition

OG Japanese street artist Tsuyoshi Nakano aka SKOLOCT has just unveiled his newest solo exhibition at Tokyo’s Miyashita Park. Titled SKOLOCT Rising, the show follows the self-projected SKOLOCT character as he ushers in the year 2021 while disassembling 2020 — “the most depressing year.”

Each painting features the character portrayed across a number of backdrops including leopard print, orange and red flames, and a split combination of the two. Located at DAYZ Archives, the exhibition will also see accessories and softgoods all bearing the signature SKOLOCT character.

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DAYZ Archives
Japan, 150-0001 Tokyo
Shibuya City, Jingumae
6 Chome−20−10 SOUTH 3階 S411 MIYASHITA PARK

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