Dermatologists four best anti-ageing products

Trinny Woodall reveals her morning skincare routine

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Healthy skin as we age is partially down to genetics and partially down to lifestyle choices, however, a good skincare routine can help reduce the appearance of factors associated with age. While skincare routines with multiple steps have been going viral on social media platforms such as TikTok, dermatologist Dr Lindsey MD says they aren’t necessarily the best.

Dr Lindsey shares her skincare tips and tricks on her TikTok page @dermguru where she has amassed a following of 791.5K. In a video, she unveiled “the secret to ageless skin” and urged her followers to “throw away your 10-step skincare routine”.

Instead, all you need are four key products. She added: “Skin doctor here, it’s simpler than you think.”

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid, also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate is a gooey substance that is produced naturally by the body, mainly in the eyes, joints and skin. However, you can also purchase skincare products with manufactured Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic acid products come in various topical forms including shampoos, lotions, creams, gels, ointments, patches and serums. Experts from Cleveland Clinic explained: “Hyaluronic acid has beneficial properties when used on your skin. It’s especially useful for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age lines.”

Although there are many different products available boasting the benefits of this natural substance, Dr Lindsey recommends using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2 percent +B5 which retails for a purse-friendly £6.40.

The serum is suitable for all skin types, according to the brand, and is described as “a hydrator that smooths and plumps with hyaluronic acid.”

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Antioxidant serum

Dr Lindsey also recommends using an antioxidant serum as part of your skincare regime. Antioxidants protect the skin and other cells by fighting free radicals that can cause damage and some signs of ageing. Experts from Medical News Today suggest: “Antioxidant serums may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and have a revitalising effect.”

Dr Lindsey recommends using the Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector, which can be purchased from Boots for £31.20.

The serum is formulated with 15 percent pure Vitamin C and, according to the product description it has been found to “boost skin antiox defences to brighten skin and boost radiance”.

The Vichy serum also claims to make fine lines appear “smoother” and “reinforce the skin barrier function”.

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Sunscreen is one of the most basic but most important parts of a skincare routine. Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect the skin from ageing as well as harmful UV rays. Some products also claim protection against free radicals.

Evidence shows that using sunscreen every day helps slow down the skin’s ageing process. Dr Lindsey’s go-to sunscreen is the La Roche-Posay Ultra light sunscreen fluid with SPF 50. This can be purchased for £19.

Sunscreen should always be included as a step in your skincare routine and topped up every two hours when exposed to the sun’s rays – even in the winter months.


Finally, Dr Lindsey says a retinoid should be used as the fourth crucial pillar of your anti-ageing skincare routine. Retinol is an exfoliator that removes the dirt and grime which builds up on your skin and clogs your pores. A study by Harvard Health claimed that retinoids can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen.

The research added: “They also stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin colour. Additional benefits include fading age spots and softening rough patches of skin.”

As well as boasting anti-ageing properties, some retinoid products also help fight against blemishes. Dr Lindsey’s top pick is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Adapalene Gel 0.1 percent Acne Treatment which is available for £26 and can combat blackheads, whiteheads, acne and clogged pores.

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