Did Princess Diana and Grace Kelly Die in Similar Ways?

Before Princess Diana was the people’s princess, another European princess stole the hearts of the world. Grace Kelly, the stunning actress and later Princess of Monaco, was beloved by the people. Sadly, the princess died far before her time, leaving behind her husband and three children. 

Fifteen years later, the world would have to say goodbye to Princess Diana. Though over a decade apart, the loss of these princesses features strikingly similar circumstances. 

Princess Grace died in heartbreaking car accident

Princess Grace was born in 1929 and, at a young age, she became a Hollywood starlet: She appeared in movies like Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. Her undeniable beauty quickly gained attention in Hollywood and made her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Soon, she was gaining the attention of someone outside of Hollywood: Prince Rainier III of Monaco. 

In 1956, the young actress left Hollywood behind to marry the handsome prince. The couple had three children together, and Princess Grace quickly embraced life as Monaco’s princess consort. She became involved in several charities and touched the lives of those around her. In a 2017 interview, her son, Prince Albert remarked on his mother’s legacy, “It was her personality and the way she engaged with people, she touched the lives of so many around the world and not only through her acting. When she passed away we got calls from all over the world, from countries she hadn’t even visited. It was unbelievable and still is.”

Princess Grace died in 1982 after she suffered a stroke while driving her 17-year-old daughter to school. The princess failed to take a curve in the road and drove down a steep embankment where she suffered a second brain hemorrhage. Her daughter Princess Stephanie, who was with her, suffered a few injuries but survived the crash. 

Princess Diana’s death was eerily reminiscent of Princess Grace 


In 1997, the world suffered the loss of another princess in a just as tragic and unexpected way. While driving home from dinner with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s car was being followed aggressively by a pack of paparazzi. The photographers followed the princess’ car into the Pont de l’Alma tunnel where it collided with the tunnel walls. 

Princess Diana was taken to Pitie Salpetriere hospital in Paris. Though it was initially believed that the princess only had a few broken bones, she died hours after the accident, causing a tremendous outpouring of grief from fans around the world. 

Prince William later remarked that the treatment of his mother by the press was “utterly appalling.” Princess Diana’s own brother said at her funeral that his sister was the most hunted person of the modern age.

Fans have speculated that there is more than meets the eye to Princess Diana’s death


Both Princess Diana and Princess Grace’s deaths have not been without controversy. Followers are quick to claim that some things just don’t line up. With both deaths, there have been several conspiracy theories arguing that these deaths we no accident. 

Many theories circulated around Princess Diana’s death, including one that her death was orchestrated by the royal family. Conspiracy theorists speculated that Princess Diana was pregnant with Fayed’s baby, and the royal family planned the accident. Others wonder whether the paparazzi intentionally caused the crash. 

The circumstances regarding Princess Grace’s death are questionable as well. Some followers doubt that Princess Grace was the one driving the car, given her known dislike for driving. Then there’s the debate about the car’s brakes. Princess Stephanie reportedly told her sister that just before the accident her mom said to her that the car’s brakes were not working. Still, some questioned whether the princess mistook the car’s accelerator for the brakes. 

The theories regarding the two devastating deaths have never been proven. All we know is that the world lost two remarkable women far too soon. 

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