Dinner Lady who weighed 21 stone reveals trick to incredible weight loss

School dinner lady Rachel Cuttriss says she gorged away her heartbreak after the breakdown of her marriage of 13 years.

The mum of three's weight soared to 21 stone and she felt she "didn't have a life" when she was at her heaviest.

Now, Rachel, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, has dropped a whopping 9 stone and has turned her life around.

Rachel's trick to losing weight? Batch cooking low-calorie recipes after joining Weight Watchers.

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She said: "My marriage had broken down, I was working two jobs and, despite being a mum to three beautiful children, I just didn’t have a life.

"Now, over a year since I decided to turn my life around, I’m a completely different woman. I used to cut the labels out of my size 24 clothes from shame – now I let my size 12s hang out with pride!"

Rachel says she is an emotional eater, and at one point her weight skyrocketed to 21 stone.

But at her heaviest, with a body mass index (BMI) – used as a gauge of healthy weight – of 43.6, compared to the NHS recommended level of 18.5 to 25, Rachel reached rock bottom.

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Rachel said: "I wasn’t just a comfort eater, I turned to food whatever the emotion.

"If I was happy, I’d celebrate with takeaways and treats, if I was stressed, I’d turn to chocolate and if I was sad I’d turn to ice cream."

Rachel lived on a diet of buttered white toast, leftover school dinners of lasagne and fruit crumble and then a chippy tea for dinner, admitting she could easily polish off a large portion.

"It still shocks me just how much I used to be able to eat and I honestly blame that on some of the fad diets I have been on before my marriage ended,” she said.

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Adding: “I would stick to diets, eating as much pasta and potato as I could to satisfy my appetite, but there was no set limit – I just didn’t know where to stop.

“As soon as I lost weight, I’d kick the diet in, and found myself still wanting to eat just as much and the weight piled back on.

“Being able to eat as much as you want of certain food groups and snacks is never a good idea – especially for someone like me.”

But in April 2018 her friends became concerned about her constant low mood and struggle with her body image and rallied around in support.

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She said: "It got to the point where I would physically hide from mirrors."

"I was scared I would never find someone new and working two jobs while looking after three kids all became too much."

So encouraged by her mates, Rachel joined WW, formely known as Weight Watchers, and used the meal ideas as a foundation for her new point-based plan.

Rachel says this, along with batch cooking her favourite meals is her secret.

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Kick starting her day with boiled eggs and Babybel cheese, Rachel now has a jacket potato with salad for lunch and a homemade, batch-cooked frozen meal for dinner, such as a chicken and coconut curry.

Rachel said: "Before joining WW, I would come home exhausted, too tired to cook something up, and would call up the local takeaway or pop to the chippy,” she said.

"Now, I open my freezer and everything I could possibly want is there. It’s essentially a ready meal with none of the bad stuff."

Claiming she can go for a month without cooking any fresh dinners as she batch cooks so much, Rachel has won her battle of the bulge and is now down to an impressive 13 stone.

If you feel inspired by Rachel’s story and would like to start your own weight loss and wellness journey with WW, sign up at WW.com

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