Disney+ UK Release Date Changed, Price Point Revealed

The release of Disney+ in the UK and other European countries has been brought forward a week, and its price point has been revealed.

The release of Disney+ late last year signified a pretty major milestone in the streaming world. The arrival of a worthy contender to Netflix’s crown. Yes, there is a wealth of other good streaming services out there, but none of them really holds a candle to Netflix and what the behemoth of streaming has to offer.

Disney+ is exactly that. Not only does it have the content to complete with Netflix, but seems as if it can afford to try and out-price its competitor too. Disney is offering Disney+ to its customers for the same price as Netflix’s cheapest package. There is one big problem with Disney+ at this point, though. It is only available in the United States.

That will all change as we move further into 2020, though. The next release date on Disney+’s agenda is the UK and a handful of other countries. The originally slated release date was March 31, 2020. However, Disney+ revealed this week that British fans eager to see what the streaming service has to offer will get the chance to do so a whole week early as the release date has been moved up to March 24, 2020, reports Wired.

That release date also encompasses other European countries including Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland. Disney says the service will be rolled out to the rest of Europe at a later date. The best news of all is the monthly price British Disney fans will be paying for Disney+. Just £5.99 per month. Again, the equivalent of Netflix’s cheapest package.

For that low monthly price, four different people will be able to use the service simultaneously. There will also be no ads, just like Netflix, and viewers will be able to download shows to watch offline on ten different devices. That’s a pretty good deal for less than £6 per month. UK fans waiting to watch The Mandalorian might be fed up with waiting by this point, but at least that wait is now one week shorter than it was a few days ago.

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