Does this wonder serum that gives you an eye lift in three minutes really work?

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Proto-col’s Eye Lift before and after transformations are dramatic. It’s no wonder it’s been selling at such an impressive rate. 

The award-winning wonder mineral eye serum aims to give you an eye-lift effect in just three minutes without any needles.

Proto-col’s Eye Lift uses light-reflecting technology, triple-action peptides, collagen, and botanical extracts to mimic the effects of Botox and claims it gives transforming results that can last up to eight hours.

It aims to tackle issues such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while lifting the look of under-eye puffiness and hooded eyes, with the peptide complex Argireline working on the neuromuscular level to instantly transform and smooth the skin.

Users have been absolutely raving about it and with such incredible before and after pictures, it certainly gets our attention. All the benefits of an eye-lift without any needles and also, without that price tag – yes please!

But does it really work?

Given the hype, we thought we would put Proto-col to the test and who better to try it than a couple of busy mums?

‘I looked more awake and fresh’

Sophie before using Prot-col (Picture: Sophie Bevster)

Sophie’s after using Proto-col (Picture: Sophie Bevster)

‘My dark circles are the bane of my life, and since having my son those sleepless nights have made them even worse, I am willing to try pretty much anything to see an improvement.

‘I’ve tried every product and brand you can imagine, usually with quite underwhelming results, so I wasn’t holding out much hope this time.

‘When I put on The Eye Lift it was a day I felt particularly tired. It says you may experience some tingling which I didn’t. What I did feel over about five minute was my skin physically tightening; it definitely felt like something was lifting, my whole eye area felt like it had been stretched upward.

‘I was quite impressed with the effects. I could definitely see and feel a difference and although I still needed concealer on top, I looked more awake and fresh.

‘Not sure how long it lasted throughout the day, but given the reasonable price and noticeable effects I would definitely consider buying it again.’

Sophie, 38, London.

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