Driver caught trying to transport full double bed by sticking it out back of car

Transporting large furniture can be a pain and we're all guilty of trying to cram too much into the back of our car before finally admitting defeat.

One driver who wasn't willing to give in has baffled police with her bizarre and dangerous attempt at moving her double bed – complete with mattress.

Stunned officers from Essex Police spotted a BMW convertible driving between Basildon and Colchester with a bed frame and double mattress standing almost upright in the back seat of the car.

The force took a picture of their startling discovery and posted it on Twitter to the amusement and shock of their followers, accompanied with a face palm emoji.

What's even more worrying is the driver saw no problem with her transportation method as she explained it was 'wedged in', seemingly unaware of the danger to other road users if it had fallen out.

The Essex Police Operational Support post read: "Proactive work in Basildon and Clacton today.

"Some of the work based on traffic stops included positive stop and search for drugs, two drug drivers, seized for no insurance and an insecure load… she said: 'Its wedged in the seat so its okay!'"

Twitter users replying to the post said: "Money can buy you a convertible BMW and a big bed but it won’t buy you intelligence."

A second wrote: "That BMW is just beyond a joke. The mentality of people is absolutely baffling."

"Can you imagine what would have happened if the bed fell out?' replied a third. "Love the driver's excuse."

It's not clear if Essex Police took any action against the driver who was stopped.

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