Eclipse Season Is Stirring Up Some Juicy Drama in Your Life ?

Summer is packed with so many fun things–beach days, frosé, pool floats shaped like donuts. Unfortunately, eclipse season, which, NBD, will completely transform your life forever, isn’t exactly one of them.

You’ve been dealing with the fallout from the solar eclipse in Cancer a few weeks back, which is all about fostering new beginnings and, for some people, major tea-spilling. But on July 16, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn cap offs this eclipse season with just as much drama. If you’re wondering why this is all such a big deal, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the answers to all your eclipse questions that you’ve been too afraid to ask:

WTF is an eclipse?

Each month, we can count on the consistent cycle of the Moon. This mysterious, celestial satellite is constantly changing its shape, with the darkness of the New Moon and illumination of the Full Moon serving as anchors throughout its steady, eight-phase cycle.

But, every now and then, something different happens. As the Moon reaches the highest and lowest points of its own orbit, it meets the Sun and Earth in perfect alignment. These special configurations result in solar and lunar eclipses.

Solar eclipses occur during the New Moon phase. As the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, it temporarily blocks the Sun. The result is a dramatic visual effect, where the Sun is temporarily obscured behind the Moon’s silhouette.

Lunar eclipses, however, occur during the Full Moon phase. Usually, during a Full Moon, the Moon shines brightest at its maximum illumination, reflecting the Sun’s vivid radiance. During a lunar eclipse, however, the Earth passes directly between the Sun and Moon, casting a shadow on the Moon’s surface. From Earth, we see the Moon reflecting this Earth’s shadow (known as an “umbra”) and it appears a dark red, tawny color. Likewise, lunar eclipses are often referred to as “Blood Moons.”

What do they do?

Eclipses activate the lunar nodes, which show up in our birth charts as the North and South Nodes of Destiny. During an eclipse, these karmic points get activated, fueling major events that make sure we’re properly positioned on our karmic pathway. Scared yet?

For instance, if you were contemplating ending a relationship or leaving a job in six-months, eclipses will make sure that happens RIGHT GD NOW.

But eclipses are far from subtle. To put it simply, eclipses are messy bitches who love drama. They open new doors by slamming others shut, so if you’ve been waiting for a cataclysmic shift, well honey, it’s right around the corner.

It’s important to note, however, that eclipses speed up time by perpetuating the inevitable. For instance, if you were contemplating ending a relationship or leaving a job in six-months, eclipses make sure that happens RIGHT GD NOW. And sure, while the events that take place during eclipse season may shake you up, remember that it’s in your best interest to take action! So, if you’ve been dragging your feet, eclipses push hard decisions on your behalf.

Why are there two eclipses in July?

Since eclipses occur at the upper and lower boundaries of the Moon’s orbit, they always travel in pairs. The solar eclipse on July 2 is linked to new beginnings, unexpected opportunities, and fresh starts. However, because the Sun (symbolizing the external world) is blocked by the Moon (representing our emotional reflection), these changes often start internally. Under this sky, you may discover that your current realities are no longer cutting it, or you need more than what you’re currently receiving. By fusing your ego with your sensitivities, the solar eclipse helps you realize that your future choices are all about advocating for your self worth.

On the other hand, the lunar eclipse on July 16 helps you understand the long-term implications of these critical changes. As the Moon emits this unusual umber tone, it enables you to shift your perspective, and process your circumstances through a different lens. While this alternate interpretation is critical, you won’t always like what you see—especially if you haven’t been honest with yourself along the way.

Likewise, during the lunar eclipses, we often let go of whatever (or whoever) is no longer serving our soul and say “boy, bye” to stale, outdated energy. Remember, letting go is rarely easy, but it’s a critical step in your personal evolution.

How do I know they will impact me?

These eclipses are occurring in Cancer and Capricorn. So, if you have a planet or celestial point in Cancer or Capricorn, it will be directly impacted by these eclipses. However, because all birth charts are 360º and contain all the zodiac signs, everyone will—to varying degrees—be influenced by these eclipses.

Think back to July 12, 2018 and January 5, 2019. What was going on in your life?

But eclipses don’t just trigger one-off events; they actually unravel over time. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series actually started last year, so to find out exactly how these upcoming eclipses will impact you, think back to the earlier occurrences on July 12, 2018 and January 5, 2019. What was going on in your life? Who was involved? Were you experiencing any changes?

Keep note of your experiences as your “eclipse story” continues to unfold: Future eclipses in this series occur on December 26, 2019, January 10, 2020, June 21, 2020, and July 5, 2020. That’s right—the hits just keep on comin’! So while you may be on vacation, don’t forget that the cosmos are working overtime this summer. Brace yourself for some serious drama, because eclipses are no joke!

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