Emmerdales Isabel Hodgins behind the scenes co-star romance and fling that rocked cast

Isabel Hodgins has played her Emmerdale character Victoria Sugden since she got offered the role at aged 12 after almost giving up her stardom dreams.

The actress' love life has been far from simple on and off screen as in the soap she was married to one Barton brother on-screen and dating another one away from the cameras.

Isabel was only 12 when she got given the role as directors wanted an older actress to play Victoria Sugden.

However, she almost gave up on her acting career just aged 11 after she suffered from severe homesickness at a theatre school in London.

But she believes it was fate when this role was offered to her.

The Mirror reported that in July 2019 Isabel said: "I struggled, I was so homesick so I was going to leave at the end of the year. Then I got the ­audition for Emmerdale and every northern girl in my year went for it and I got it. It was perfect."

Isabel is now 27 and has grown up during her time working on the soap whilst also sharing an off-screen romance with co-star Michael Parr.

Michael joined the soap in 2013 whilst playing Ross Barton which led the pair to get closer to each other in real life.

At first the couple kept their dating life a secret for a couple of years.

The Yorkshire-based soap stars shared a kiss during an episode in 2016 when Ross tried his luck with Victoria, but then he got a slap across his face.

Whilst on-screen, Michael's character Ross was the half-brother of Adam Barton, who was married to Victoria who is Isabel's character.

The actors then decided to reveal their secret real life romance in 2016 when both of them shared pictures from the same location during a trip to Paris.

However, the pair went through some rocky times as there was rumours that Isabel had a fling with other co-star Danny Miller.

The Sun reported that ITV declined to comment and none of the three parties involved addressed the claims directly.

Despite the rumours, Isabel and Michael stayed together until 2019 when he went to America for new opportunities.

A source told The Sun : "They drifted apart and felt it was better to be mates.

"He has been throwing himself into his social life and has just been on a lads' hol and she is focusing on work, they're both young and want to follow their dreams."

Meanwhile, Danny has since gone on to meet and fall in love with Steph Jones, a midwife from Manchester.

The couple welcomed their son Albert into the world in October 2021, just a few weeks before Danny went into I'm A Celeb.

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