Ex-police officer swaps handcuffs for stripping – and she dresses up in uniform

A former police officer traded the cells for stripping and now spends her time getting her kit off.

Michelle Walton, 51, from Yarmouth, served in the UK force for three decades.

She also spent some time working for the Metropolitan Police where she tackled hard-hitting crime and followed many strict rules.

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Even though she worked in a rewarding profession, she always liked the idea of stripping off.

She even took a year off in the late 90s as she headed off to Australia to work in a topless bar.

Following her retirement in 2020, she started working as part of a cabaret group and now strips for charity at events.

Even though she's no longer in the force, Michelle ensures she always pays homage to her old job during her routines.

When she performs she wears a police uniform, uses handcuffs and a truncheon.

Not to mention she also arrests audience members if she thinks they're "being too sexy".

Michelle said: "For me, stripping is about female empowerment and loving yourself.

"I'm not a skilled dancer, I just love my body and love getting my kit off after 30 years of restrictions on what I could and couldn't do."

She said she initially joined the Metropolitan Police as a cadet back in 1989.

Michelle was 18 when she signed up, and then she went onto become a PC within the force in August 1990.

The now-stripper spent time working in south-east London, before transferring to Hampshire Police seven years later.

She loved every moment in the police, but she was also quite conscious of how she spent her spare time due to the line of work she was in.

This is why she took a year's unpaid leave in 1999 to jet off and work as a topless barmaid.

Michelle wanted to be able to see the world when she was young, so she jumped on the plane.

When she spent 12 months doing saucy bar work, she said she earned just as much money as she would have if she'd stayed in the force.

Michelle said: "When I got to Australia, I needed a job so I became a skimpy bar maid, which involved working in pubs in my underwear, then flashing my boobs off for money.

"My work progressed to doing topless and nude waitressing, but there was never any groping or sex involved.

"My clients were anything from businessmen to biker gangs – I met so many different people while I was out there.

"I've had several boob jobs, some of which haven't gone quite to plan, but I love my body and I was having so much fun while earning great money."

She said she loved having the freedom to get her kit off, but she knew she had to be careful who she told when she returned.

Before she hung up her uniform, she spent the remainder of her career in Hampshire.

"Coming back to the UK it felt like a bit of a reality check, but I liked my job as a police officer so it wasn't the end of the world," she added.

"I returned to work, where I did twenty more years of service, specialising in the fields of domestic abuse and vulnerable adults.

"And I finished my career in public protection, managing registered sex offenders.

"After thirty years of restrictions, it felt surreal being able to act without fear of it impacting my career.

"I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I remembered the fun I had in Australia and was keen to find something similar here in the UK."

She's now settled with her husband John Walton, 56, who is also a former policeman.

With her former husband she attempted three rounds of IVF due to the fact that she couldn't conceive – but sadly she was never able to start a family.

This meant she had a lot of free time on her hands when she retired, so she looked at different ways to keep herself busy.

She began taking sexy snaps of other women to help them feel body confident, and then started her own lingerie photography business.

But – to help develop her work – she thought it would be good to learn some seductive moves and poses to help guide her clients during photoshoots.

This is when she decided to join a small burlesque dance class, and from here she was encouraged to take up a solo act.

This is where Michelle came up with the idea of becoming a police stripper, and later joined the Charity Cabaret Club on the Isle of Wight.

The club involves a group of cabaret performers who perform at charity events throughout the year, and Michelle was asked if she'd take off her kit as part of the show.

She said: "I created a stripping copper routine, as I already have the truncheon and handcuffs!

"My routine involves walking up to the stage waving two blue lights around, then stepping up on a chair pretending to direct traffic, then taking my first layer of clothing off.

"I then step in to the audience and dish out fixed penalty tickets, with the offence of 'being too sexy'.

"I then handcuff someone in the audience, drag them on stage, pretend to search them, wrap police tape around them, then do what looks like a lap dance around them.

"The music changes and I get my truncheon out, wave it around, slap it on my bum, then start removing my belt, dress, then finally remove my bra, wave it around, then walk off stage with the two blue lights on my boobs.

"I mainly do these shows for charity events rather than for payment so it's all for a good cause!

"My boudoir photography business promotes body confidence and to love yourself just as you are.

"We are all different shapes and sizes and we should feel proud of our lumps, bumps, scars and cellulite.

"I'm more than happy flashing my boobs off because I've spent loads of money on them over the years – about £20,000."

Since the start of the year Michelle has done five charity shows, and has raised hundreds of pounds for different causes.

She loves her job, and says she doesn't intend to stop anytime soon.

"I'm telling my story because I'm proud of my achievements and what I've done," added Michelle.

"I hope it inspires other women to love their own bodies, regardless of their shape or size.

"'I'm sure there will be people that will judge me and think I've done wrong – but I don't care.

"I will simply do what makes me happy for as long as I live, and I'd encourage anyone else to do the same!"

Michelle is also a self-published author, and wrote a book to get her head around the fact she couldn't have children.

It's called All Because the Lady Loves Wedding Cake.


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