Ex primary teacher says her old quiet school mates subscribe to her OnlyFans

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    An OnlyFans model who sells racy content says her old school pals subscribe to her explicit page.

    Beth Cowan used to be a primary school teaching assistant before ditching the classroom for modelling.

    But memories of school are never far away now that some boys, who never used to even talk to her, pay for her saucy images.

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    The 27-year-old Geordie babe told Daily Star: “There've been quite a few people from school…

    “Which is a bit strange because they never spoke to me in school and you see them on your OnlyFans page and you think, ‘what the hell’?

    “Some of them have photos on and you can see who they are. I’m not sure if that’s purposefully done so you know who it is.”

    But she said other former peers are a little more shy…

    Beth laughed: “Others I get an inkling who it actually is even though they don’t tell me who they are.

    “I don’t mind though, it’s quite nice.”

    Beth has been on OnlyFans for 12 months and when she’s not dealing with old acquaintances, she finds herself swamped with wild requests.

    One bloke paid £200 for her to grow her armpit hair and send snaps while another offered the same amount of money to simply work out in her gym gear.

    Explaining in her own words, she said: “I think the armpits request was the easiest one I’ve ever had. It was like £200 and they were like ‘can you grow your armpit hair’ and they also asked about hair on my toes.

    “They just wanted a photo with my arm up, that was literally it… and also a close up of the actual hair.

    “Someone else paid me £200 the other day for a quick video of me in my gym stuff just doing deadlifts. That was great!”

    Beth felt comfortable starting an OnlyFans page because her modelling work involves taking lots of pictures anyway.

    The bubbly brunette has been a Page 3 girl for years and recently gave an insight into how her parents reacted to her career change.

    She said: “My mam thought it was the best thing in the world because she’s always wanted to do something like that but it just didn’t happen for her.

    “My dad… obviously when I first started doing it, it was topless so he was happy for us but he didn’t want to see.

    “He would purposefully not look but now it’s just bikini shots and stuff so he is now happier to open the paper, bless him. He is over the moon for us.”

    Being on OnlyFans and Page 3 can lead to unwanted opinions, but Beth has no concern with outsiders and encourages more women to follow her path.

    She explained: “I don’t really care what other people think and I never have. I did Page 3 and and people were like ‘oh my God Beth’s got her t**s out’ but I’m not bothered.

    “You can’t go on what people think. If you are struggling 9-5 and are unhappy you just can’t afford to care what others may say.”


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