Ex-WWE star who switched to OnlyFans shares fans weirdest fetish requests

Former WWE and TNA wrestling star Shelly Martinez has shared how her life has changed since she stepped away from the industry to sell racy videos and images on OnlyFans.

Shelly spent two years with the famous wrestling brand before quitting after a fallout with fellow wrestler in 2007. She then switched to Total Action Wrestling (TNA) for a year before retiring from fighting.

The ex-wrestler has since starred in a porn film with Jewles De’Nyle and has founded a career on OnlyFans, where explicit images and videos can be found behind a paywall for subscribers.

And, having now also stepped into the world of fetish modelling and wrestling, Shelly has revealed that she isn’t short of strange requests.

Speaking on the In Your Head podcast, the former wrestling professional recalled how one viewer kept saying: “Show us your toes!”

“I’m trying to be interactive with everyone who’s listening to us and posting comments, so when this guy keeps posting over and over again, it’s distracting because it keeps popping up again about our stupid toes," she explained.

“It’s like, ‘okay, you’re wanting to see our toes, why?’

“And he just wouldn’t admit that it was his fetish, but it clearly was.”

But, now that she is an adult model, Shelly admitted that instances like this aren’t rare.

“Right when I think something’s really weird, somebody else will ask for it, so then I’m like, ’I guess there are people out there who are into this stuff'."

In fact, she recalled another “creepy” occasion when a man was “handsomely paying” for photos of her in her wrestling gear, looking like she’d been knocked out and wearing an ‘L’ sign on her forehead.

Still, in a more recent vlog on her YouTube channel, Shelly explained that she hasn’t looked back since her transition into an adult model from professional wrestling.

“There are times when I’m like, ‘I wish I didn’t put that out there, or maybe I didn’t shoot that’,” she added.

“The way I look at it is, when I’m shooting my own content, there’s a real power that comes with that.

“When I started making more money than I did in TNA, I was like, ‘wow, this is awesome’.

“And then OnlyFans, when I restarted my OnlyFans, and then my Secret Society, back in the day when I started it. All these things showed me that I can do it myself.

“The fan is sending me, ‘this is what I want, will you do it?’ Sometimes it’s yes, sometimes it’s no. I’m calling the shots, I say when, I say who.”

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