Expert spots technique Kate uses to make people feel relaxed

Statement and conversation analysis expert Martin DeCoder analysed the language techniques Kate, Princess of Wales uses during outings and interviews. The expert compared Kate’s “way of talking” to Meghan Markle’s speech on his YouTube channel and claimed that he could spot “major differences”.

For instance, “Kate tends to address all people” during interviews and uses “inclusive” language while Meghan Markle tends to “address a more narrow group” and uses an “exclusive” speech, he claimed.

During an interview with This Morning, the Princess of Wales was asked about life and homeschooling during the Covid pandemic.

The language guru commented that Kate was “quick to include the others in her answer” and that she tends to use “we” instead of “I” when asked a question.

Kate said: “We are fine, thank you. I’m sure you are experiencing the same with your family. We are starting with homeschooling, but yes, we are fine, thanks for asking. How are you? How are your families?”

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This Morning: Holly and Phil talk to Kate Middleton during lockdown

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The Princess of Wales also asked the hosts how they were coping with the unusual situation and how their families were, which “gives a completely different dynamic to the conversation”.

“It’s nice to be seen in a conversation rather than listening to someone who only wants to talk about themselves,” Martin opined.

Kate went on to share an anecdote which is a speech technique she used to “make the hosts feel relaxed”.

The royal explained: “George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects and make sort of spider sandwiches which is far cooler than literacy!”

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Kate has used the same method in the past, sharing funny anecdotes, mainly about her family and children, during royal outings.

This makes her seem approachable and nice while making people feel amused and relaxed, the expert explained.

While visiting the Great Ormond Street Hospital back in 2018 to open a new medical facility, Kate told a patient: “I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well.”

During a visit to Lavender Primary School in 2019, the Princess of Wales told schoolchildren that “Charlotte loves olives”.

Kate Middleton speaks to pupils for Children’s Mental Health Week

Kate also uses a “distracting technique” to make “chat with children feel more natural,” body language expert Judi James claimed.

The Princess of Wales met primary school children to discuss Children’s Mental Health Week as a patron of Place2Be and was seen helping children make paperchains.

The body language expert commented: “She looks warm and engaged here, but it is when she is filmed sitting with the children that she really displays her capacity for a very skilful but relaxed approach that allows them to share their thoughts and feelings despite the presence of the cameras.

“Plus she truly appears to be enjoying herself! Kate does everything here to not look like a royal on a visit. Her role is more as a facilitator and motivator, making the children feel comfortable about answering her questions.

“She uses her own body language to draw their thoughts out, making the conversation sound as natural as possible but showing active listening signals to make them feel important.”

Judi added: “She is also using the kind of distracting technique that parents and teachers often know about, helping the children to make paper decorations while questioning them to make the chat feel more natural and to keep them relaxed.

“Kate does seem to be in her element here, not relishing her own performance, but using her own skills to help the children relax and enjoy sharing their thoughts. She even manages to look totally at home making her own paper chains.”

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