Families share their best portraits recreated years on

If I could turn back time! People recreate old snaps from the family album with uncanny results – including a man who looks JUST like his father at the same age

  • Families joined growing trend of recreating their favourite pictures from the past
  • People from across the world copied poses and outfits worn during childhood 
  • BoredPanda compiled an online gallery of some of the most impressive attempts
  • Some included people who look exactly alike including a lookalike father and son

Treasured family photographs from way back when bring joy to households across the world and now people are trying to recreate their special memories with their relatives. 

Families across the world have been digging out their vintage clothes and heading back to their old homes to stage pictures decades after they were first taken. 

BoredPanda has compiled an online gallery of some of the most impressive remakes of much-loved images as well as documenting some startling family resemblances. 

The heartwarming pictures include a pair of sisters recreating a scene with their youngest sister by placing the now fully-grown adult in a toy cot.

Meanwhile another showed a son who bore a striking resemblance to his father when he was young.

Like father like son: One man shared a picture of himself wearing a light blue T-shirt similar to one his father wore in a photograph 38 years before and highlighted just how much they look alike, even staging the cups on the sideboard to look the same

Sisterly love: These siblings from Travelers Rest, South Carolina, recreated a picture of themselves taken in 1999 in which the youngest sibling Savannah was forced to lay on a plastic toy coat with a pacifier in her mouth, just as she had when she was a baby

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To recreate their first picture together when the man was adopted 22 years ago, this brother and sister painted a bed frame white so they could clutch on to it  and make it look like their cot as children in a bid to recreate the treasured picture again 

Oh brother: Twenty years after the original picture was taken, these five brothers decided they wanted to do a remake of their family portrait from 1997

Unbreakable bond: One parent shared their joy at this picture recreation of their two children 12 years after they had their first picture together

To surprise his mother for Mother’s Day, this man recreated her favourite picture of them together and committed so much to his art that he used photoshop to recreate his jumper 23 years on

For their mother’s 60th birthday, this group of brothers and cousins recreated a picture of them on their first day of kindergarten to celebrate her birthday milestone

This adoring mother recreated a picture with her two sons, which she said was ‘all she wanted’ for her 60th birthday and social media users were impressed with her youthful appearance

They grow so fast: These cousins, from the US, pictured left in 2005 and right in 2020, decided to remake one of their favourite pictures together

Father’s footsteps: This father-daughter duo thought it only right to get a picture 13 years after the original was taken to show how young Jasminjn had taken after her father

A twin brother and sister, from the US, remade what they call their ‘most embarrassing photo’ 26 years on, donning the same impressive outfits as they did when the original was taken

Three surviving brothers gathered on the same farm with all three of them on the exact same bench 90 years apart to recreate a sweet family moment

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