Family desperate to get home as thieves steal passports in Lanzarote villa raid

A family is desperate to get home after thieves raided their villa and stole £8,000 of valuables – including their passports.

Brodie and James Watson were on a family trip to Lanzarote with their kids when their holiday home was ransacked on Friday.

The intruders broke into the villa's safe and stole Brodie's engagement and wedding rings, bank cards, watches, passports and other valuables.

The invasion completely ruined the holiday and has left the children "petrified", Glasgow Live reported.

Brodie said: "It's been so awful. My engagement ring and wedding ring, bank cards were all in the safe…just everything."

She continued: "I've been meeting with the British Consulate to try and get us home as quickly as possible.

"I have children that are six and nine and my husband's daughter is only 13.

"We are booked to leave tomorrow but it's now looking like we won't be able to make that flight."

The family have accepted they probably won't get their possessions back and are instead focusing on getting back to Glasgow as quickly as they can.

"We phoned the police the night that we were robbed, but there was a language barrier so we really struggled," Brodie added.

"We tried to get in touch with the villa company but they didn't get back as it was about 12.30 in the morning at the time. They came out the next morning.

"One of the girls came with us to the police station so she could translate and we did a full report, but by that point it was pretty useless."

Emergency documents that can be used instead of passports are on the way to the family, but have been held up in Gran Canaria.

Brodie said: "We were told by the police that if we went to the airport with our passport details we would be able to fly, but at the airport, Ryanair said that that wasn't an option.

"The only thing that we could use were emergency documents, but they were held up at Gran Canaria.

"It will take two working days to get here, so we will miss our flight tomorrow.

"The only option we have is to get someone we know in Gran Canaria to fly them to us in Lanzarote.

"We might have someone to pick them up, but the problem is how we get them over here as it needs to be someone we trust."

Brodie explained that the incident has left her children terrified and unable to sleep.

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