Fans Think Selena Gomez Called Justin Bieber "Extra Weight" in a New Breakup Song

Selena Gomez has been carrying “extra weight” for 1,460 days, which is almost as long as we’ve been hearing about the never-ending saga of her and Justin Bieber’s on-and-off-again-but-now-seemingly-permanently-off-again relationship.

Good news for those hoping to never hear the portmanteau “Jelena” ever again — now that Gomez’s long-awaited album Rare is out in the universe, the life expectancy on this relationship is probably up.

Rare doesn’t beat around the bush with cryptic lyrics. There’s nothing ambiguous about this: “Gotta chop-chop all the extra weight I've been carrying for 1,460 days.”

Gomez's fans immediately started their detective work counting that 1,460 is four years (read: the amount of time Bieber and Gomez dated). Their conclusion: Bieber must be the extra weight. Thus, the title of said song: “Cut You Off.”


2011 American Music Awards Selena Gomez Justin Bieber

On the other side of this, Bieber also has a new album titled Yummy set to release soon (along with a documentary). Though the title track is apparently about his wife Hailey Bieber, it remains to be seen whether he will be addressing any of his past relationships through his work.

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